Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Friends in Far Flung places

I think I have mentioned before that there is nothing like a good declutter to bring out the forces of goodness and goodies. And there has been some serious sorting and selling going on over here, even a few vintage sheets have been sent on their way. Months ago I fell in love with  some retro inspired goodies created by Handmade by Alice Apple and soon after, that cute little sausage dog arrived along side a little shopping bag of goods for miss Liongirl to stock in her cafe.

Recently, Alice had a giveaway and I was lucky enough to be the winner. How exciting to have that pink stripy parcel turn up at Betsy's front door last week. And inside,  these marvellous postcard creations that she has just released. If you haven't been over to her Shop , take a peek, I for one am now seriously coveting those fridge magnets.

And because it was a week of parcels arriving, a very thoughtful package arrived for Roboboy as well. Lovely Kylie from Lucy Violet Vintage sent him some wonderful bird tea towels tucked inside this super cute tea towel bag which I have completely snaffled.

The tea towels were right up his alley too, birds and rain forests, how did you know Kylie?

And obviously because we have been taking bags of stuff away  for the school fete, it would then be the trifecta of goodies coming our way. So, remember recently when I lamented the lack of turquoise pyrex around the traps? Specifically, that missing little turquoise ramekin? Well, would you believe that lovely  Karlyn from Rosa's Room had that exact turquoise ramekin, all by itself, with no friends? And she, like me, really wanted it to be united with the rest of its family.

Sigh. Can you see how happy it is now? Perhaps that's just me, as I get to gaze on this glorious colour combo all day. So, on that lovely note, I thought I would ask you all, what is your turquoise ramekin? What lovely vintage item are you missing from your collection, what would you break into a sweat for if you spotted it in someone else's hand at the oppie? Do share, and you never know, I might have one to send your way as the big cleanout continues over here. Or perhaps someone else reading may have that elusive piece of pyrex or milk glass you are after. ( I'm envisioning little parcels of coveted goodies zooming all over the place). Anyway, I'm off to do some more packing, and sorting and packing......


  1. Thanks for the lovely mention Mel! x

    1. You are so welcome Alice, I love EVERYTHING in your shop.

  2. Lucky you, such a great giveaway! Love all those colours today, I'm not sure what I would love.....vintage sheets do it for me every time I think! :) x

  3. That's awesome Mel what a feel good post. It's karma though, I think.

  4. I love those ramekins! I will be searching high and low for my own set, they are just beautiful!

  5. My heart is all a flutter! Pyrex does that to me ya know?! Loads of goodies here. Had a peek and Alice Apple shop.......delish, lots of lovely retro colour. xo

  6. I can't get over how cute that little shopping bag and groceries is. And Alice's fridge magnets are rather gorgeous too. No worries on Roboboys pressies - glad he liked them (and you, my wonky t.t. bag!) x

  7. I love that tea towel bag! And so lovely that it was filled with bird towels for your boy!
    And I am glad that your ramekins are now complete...must feel so satisfying!

  8. How lovely! All these nice, good people doing nice things for others, just because. It makes me so happy, it really does. Blogging is great for random acts of kindness like these. The turquoise pryex ramekin is perfect. I love it. x

  9. What gorgeous times all round! I adore vintage tea towels - so lovely too that a child loves them! I am clearing out too. Off to look at the shop.

  10. This blogging community is such a lovely one. That Kylie is so generous.
    Glad to see you have the turquoise addition to complete the collection.
    The elusive milkglass cake stand has been on my list for a while. Part of the thrill of op-shopping is the wondering if that special piece will grace the shelves.

  11. Turquoise pyrex is so very pretty and a complete set is somehow fulfilling. What a small universe! I have a tackier need. When the twins were little their Dad got them Hungry Jacks bubble heads of Linus and Charlie Brown. We have always felt these two personalities suited our two boys. After we had our dark haired girl who likes to boss the boys around, I found the Lucy bubblehead in an oppy. Now I am waiting for either Pig Pen or Schroeder, (Number 3 son fits both of these) and Charlie Brown's little sister, Sally, for our youngest.
    It may take a while.

  12. I have been on the hunt for a vintage KitchenAid mixer for years. I know the chances of finding one in an opshop is about one in a million but i will never stop dreaming. I have 2 friends that have been lucky enough to score one. I honestly think the day i find one i will fall to my knees crying tears of joy right there on the opshop floor.