Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reno Day 66- VJ walls, back doors, pipes and pitfalls

Despite the very erratic weather, now that the roof is on there is nothings stopping the builders from powering ahead. It seems, we are now possibly ahead of schedule and may only have another month to go. So, the back door finally arrived. The remaining large slider onto the deck also turned up. We are just waiting on the laundry and kitchen windows and we will be at full lock up stage.

Now while we have some grey paint in the frame, can I say that you guys by and large all unanimously agreed with MY HUSBAND on colour choice. Yikes. Yep, I preferred the lighter grey, so it was just  me and Mum E standing together against the rest of the tide. And I'm even more confused now about my choices. But I have been slightly distracted by the sight of this.

And this. Hello Family/TV room. With real walls.

And sewing room. Squee! How I love thee, this tiny space just for me.

Yep, lots of vj sheets are in on the walls and ceilings. Now the realisation of how much painting I will be doing is starting to sink in. Whilst I am itching to get stuck in there and turn it all vivid white and fill it up with some colourful bits and bobs, the reality of the enormity of that task is making me a little nervous. We painted our last house ( and by we, this time I mean me) and it took about four years. And we did not have any children. Hmmm.

Anyway, back to the progress. The pantry has been partially sheeted.

And the wall around the fridge and microwave is done too. Real timber was used for this as all the edges around the fridge cavity have been mitred to create a seamless look without architraving.

We ended up having to move a wall over by about 20 cm in order to fit the kitchen design, hence the timber box which will not be a feature for long once it has been painted.

And the fasted plumber I have ever met, turned up, plonked in pipes and vanished all before kindy pickup. Our kitchen sink is almost the exact location of our old one and there is just the new piping for the laundry but even so, he is fast.

So, after this uplifting post of progress, let me leave you with one final image.

This is the pitfall that single handedly unravelled all the best laid recycled timber flooring plans. I will discuss further, once I have worked out how to do it graciously, without obscenities. Sniff.


  1. wow that's progress!. that last shot is a doozy!....swear away...its therapeutic. really? we sided with hubby?!! sorry bout that...god did you tell him?. Al x

  2. We're about to have our kitchen ripped out, and our builder said a very comforting thing; "By the time you've got it down to two choices, you've discounted so much other stuff that you'd be happy with either if you just turned up and it was already done".
    This might be useful when thinking about your paint colour.

  3. You're really moving right along! Ahead of schedule sounds great!

  4. You're making tons of progress. I understand about the last photo...been there, done that. It will be over soon. :)

  5. One month to go? It seems like you only just moved out, and now you're about to pack up and move back in - amazing! It's all looking very wonderful. I can totally picture your new kitchen in that photo above - all that greenery through the splashback window - what a view! xx

  6. Just catching up with you and loved to see how amazing it's all looking. Excitement must be building for your family. Mind you the painting bit is overwhelming. I have a friend who is building her own house from a barn while her husband comes back from working in China now and again to help. She's painting and finishing stuff thinking she'll be another three months yet, mind you it's taken seven years to get this far. Pheeww I admire her determination.
    Always fall in love with the gorgeous vernadah's you have in Aussie houses too.

    Lisa X

  7. All those VJS...all that heart goes out to you! After painting the inside of our house I vowed I would never, ever, ever paint VJs ever again. It didn't help that the walls had all been painted dark colours and we took them back to white. So many coats! Never again!

  8. the sliding glass door is very nifty.
    love the look of the VJ sheets on the walls and ceilings, and as a crisp white they'll look amazing. x

  9. What on earth is that last shot? I didn't have a chance to comment this moring but I'm back now to work out what that image is. Yikes...looks like swear worthy material.

    VJs and VJ board looks fab! xx

  10. House is looking fab Mel,love the opening onto the deck. Will you be having curtains/blinds down the track? I am feeling a little sick for you, at the thought of all that painting though. I don't mind painting but the Hubby hates it. Just incase you were wondering, your box is finger-jointed timber. That is one scary hole in the floor!

  11. So much progress! It all looks great! I pulled out our paints again the other day to finish painting our bedroom, only the windows and back of door to go, but I'd put it off for 6months or so somehow ... All the paintbrushes I'd carefully packed in airtight bags, thinking I was going to paint again in a few days time had competely hardened after six months ... Funny that ...
    When we painted out Reno the worst bit was the undercoat, after that it was pretty fast and fun to get the white on the walls. Trim takes much longer, of course ...

  12. Great progress... I'm feeling very envious as there's not been a lot of progress at our place this week. The Weather Gods have not been smiling on us.
    Love the sewing room. I'm envious about that as well!! It was on my list to have a little area of my own to work from. Unfortunately in the big squeeze on .... everything.... that idea had to go. Now everyone else has a room, except me!

    Looking forward to following your progress. x

  13. It's all coming along so fast! I want to know more about the pitfall though, it sounds bad. Don't envy you all that painting but I DO envy you your own sewing room! x