Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to accessorize your cat

In the wee hours of the morning I was awakened out of a stupor with Roboboy holding up our cat to share with me how they had been spending the first 30 unsupervised minutes of the day. Who said that men had no awareness of how to bring out a girl's best with accessories? Surprisingly our cat was not looking grateful for this mini  earring makeover- I suspect that she knows that  the pink/taupe combination is SO last season.

Our wonderful burmese Bella has an acute awareness of seasonal home decorating fickleness as she was given away when she was no longer required to match the home decor. She had been purchased by someone who had never even owned cats or even liked them that much but who thought she really looked good as a feature pet in their coffee hued balinese furniture inspired unit. ( incidentally she could definitely have been  cover shot material for Home Beautiful magazine- they did have a phase of photogenic pets on their cover)

We were happy to adopt her ( unoriginal name and all) and she has been eternally grateful and incredibly affectionate ever since. She did subsequently sway a lounge purchase in the direction of a taupe colour that matches her incredibly well and really brings out her chocolate highlights.

She and Roboboy go way back to days of being best mates because he had the cleanest bedding in the house. Actually even before that, when I was heavily pregnant she knew, and she would lie on my tummy and purr him a lullaby.

 She is a total princess and will not lie on any surface sullied by her fur or dirt and will seek out the clean washing or the freshest set of sheets to bed down. She tolerates being carried around the house with legs dangling, dressed in clothes, bandaged by the " vet" and transported in wheelbarrows. She is part of our family and Roboboy is adamant that she smiles at him. I have watched her closely and she does seem to either be asleep, look huffy or have a Mona Lisa type expression if you are saying nice things about her.

I'll tell you about our other cat who emancipated himself from us another day.......


  1. Oh just a bit jealous! I would love a cat but DH is very allergic. Oh well 3 lambs, 12 chickens and an alpaca is on the agenda :)

  2. Bec are those 16 animals already living with you in the post war shack or are they on a wish list? Legoman is mighty keen on the old alpaca, unfortunately standard suburban block not really adequate! Mel.

  3. Lol only have 6 chickens currently. The rest are to come!

  4. Finally have some time to take a look at yr blog in more detail and we do have some coincidental things in common (apart from our boys). I had a lovely brown Burmese for many years per marriage and babies (sadly hit by a car) and now we have a little Tonkinese -Ivy