Saturday, April 30, 2011

Five dollar finds and fresh eggs

It's all about all things white and red over here at Betsy's today. Thought I would share some recent op shop finds with a sum total of $5.80. 

White pyrex dish with teeny handle 80 cents
White jug with teeny lip $1.50
Georgeous red handled heavy scissors $3
Red gingham fabric offcuts 50 cents
Learning how to crochet teeny tiny hearts............Priceless.

 Pop over to  Lucy in her Attic and click on her Teeny Tiny Hearts tutorial to learn how. I was completely sucked in simply by the "Teeny Tiny" title and had to have a go. So pleased to realize that my uptight crochet style makes them even more petite and adorable than ever.

The other exciting news is that all of a sudden we have eggs. Three at once to be precise.

Sooty started laying earlier this week. And now Rose and Dora2 have come to the party. Sooty's egg  is the big one at the back. The other two petite deliveries are from the new girls, now we just have to work out who is giving us the little spotted number (front right). I can feel french toast coming on for breakfast, with lashings of maple syrup.


  1. Great finds. Thanks for the link for the hearts. I will have to check it out and if it looks too hard go running to Mum! Lol

  2. Ha! I love your uptight crochet style. Yum fresh eggs. I pretend I'm having fresh eggs by purchasing free-range eggs from the market. Some bargain finds. Gingham makes me happy.

  3. Great finds! The crochet hearts are gorgeous! Dont stop at two!! Im glad your chookies are starting to lay, Enjoy your eggs!


  4. Yum, can taste the French toast and maple syrup from here! gxo

  5. ooooo i love that jug! they sell similar ones in the goma store and they're $40 or so...nice work! thank you for your lovely comment. today was indeed blissful. kit is a vintage bike with new tyres and has had a turquoise respray. she's divine. kate's bike is a pink sportsgirl bike that hasn't been done up, paid half the price of mine but still looks darn lovely. guess i wanted the reliability of new parts. :) makes for pretty pictures thats for sure. will take lots of pics of the coast oppies, have visited those haunts many a time and always found the best stuff. have a great week mel! x

  6. Sweet finds. I love red gingham and those scissors look like a great find I need some just like that:) Yeah for fresh chook eggs, that's always so exciting when they finally start laying. I hope you enjoyed that french toast. xo

  7. Those teeny tiny hearts are winners! I do love the idea of smooth fresh brown eggs as well. I am going to follow you as soon as I post this comment..please feel welcome to visit me too!

  8. Just discovered your blog! Just learning crochet myself and I'm itching to have a go at those hearts.

    Great finds at your local shop. x Leah :)

  9. Loving those red scissors Mel and that little jug, is it Bison? turn it over and see if it has a little bison on the bottom? I found one in vinnies last year and it's so sweet, He's a popular artist in ACT and NSW. I must say I LOVE the half strength Natural. I'm stoked and It's totally worth repainting to get it right. Will post pics soon. good luck.