Monday, April 4, 2011

Ode to a new pink dress

Today started out just like any other Monday. And then we checked the letterbox, Liongirl and I, and there was a parcel from Kate at Foxs Lane . Inside, the most beautiful vintage sheet inspired dress in an ode to the colour pink and with a crochet pocket for storage of essential small bunnies. And just in time as we were down to a sum total of 4 acceptable outfits as anything without a pocket is completely not negotiably not happening.

In about 10 seconds the dress was on, crazy bunny/piggy creature deposited safely in the pocket. Then it was time for all our morning jobs now that we were suitable attired.

Firstly let the girls out of the coop and treat them to some corn kernels.

Hand feed Sooty as she is the tamest.

Find missing strange teeny bunny/kitty/piggy creature who had been brought home from Rummage yesterday.

Deposit safely in specially designed crochet pocket for carrying strange teeny non specific animals. Pronouce said pocket as " Crushay" in every future conversation.

Time for a quick spot of mowing.

Long lingering solo tyre swinging, followed by crazy wild trampolining.

Detailed discussions about plans to build a treehouse (with sticks in hands).

And using  a rope to climb up to it.

Phew, and all that  before nap time.
Thanks again Kate for creating such a gorgeous pink  crochet pocketed dress to bring out the garden adventurer in my little Liongirl.  Hope you all had a great day with your tribe.


  1. Liongirl looks super gorgeous and super comfy in that dress... The best combination for little (and big) girl's clothes!

  2. Love her dress, love your blog, love your little house, it's just perfect! Can I ask what suburb or area you are in? My husband and I are coming to Brisbane soon and are looking for a good family friendly area and I soooo want a Queenslander to do up :)

  3. She is gorgeous and so is the dress...
    you cant wrong with vintage linens and a spot of 'crushay' x

  4. What a gorgeous blue house you have and just perfect for the pretty poppet in pink.

    Love your style.

    So glad you found me.


  5. Eeeeeep!!! What a cutie pie!
    I love, love , loved seeing her in her granny pocket dress and I am thrilled that it passed the test.
    I think I might need to start up a flickr page for all the gorgeous girlies in their dresses.
    Thanks so much. X

  6. So gorgeous - she looks so happy with her new dress! and I'm glad she likes the "crushay"!

  7. That is one cute dress......and the gourgeous girlbwearing it!