Friday, February 11, 2011

Day of unexpected treats

Today I was so lucky to have an unexpected lunch time treat. An actual lunch break involving leaving my office to appreciate the blue sky, smell the summer air and shake off the whole work vibe. A whole hour to myself, guilt free. My job is challenging, intense and inspiring. It is also completely not in the slightest bit creative. And twice a week I spend a 10 hour day in a room with no window and an airconditioning vent that leads directly to the tearoom which means I spend hours smelling other peoples toast. I can't really remember the  last time I didn't work through my lunch break but  I'm pretty sure I only had one child.

And so there is only one thing to do with a whole hour of freedom at midday.............stake out the local op shops near my work.  Unexplored territory, an  untapped treasure trove of fabric delights. I have loved op shops since I was about 14 and exploring Melbourne with my paltry $4.50 an hour hair salon floor sweeping wage. Back then it was vintage dresses, ballgowns and kaftans. Now that I'm all grown up I've moved onto fabric, sewings bits and bobs and childrens books. Although potentially the right dress could crop up at any moment.

There are so many things to love about thrifting, but for me it would have the be the treasure hunt aspect, not knowing what you may find when you ferret through that box/basket/rack or shelf. That rush of delight when you unfold something amazing and second rush when you discover it costs $2. Not to mention the socially conscious aspects of reducing, reusing and recycling (to quote Bob the Builder). Really there's nothing not to love except maybe the faint layer of grime on your palms at the end of a good search.

Today was a complete boon in all respects.

Two pieces of beautiful fabric with a hint of nanna smell, an unopened pack of panda butter yellow ribbon and a set of cotton reels. The background paper was from a nearby craft store, the colours from  my favourite corner of the colour wheel.

Not to forget a gorgeous vintage book complete with politically incorrect bovine with obesity issues and a hint of an eating disorder.

Roboboy loved it, especially when she eats her own hat.

And who would have thought such a treat could happen on a work day, and a  Friday at that. Now to decide where best to use this vibrant paper.........


  1. Lovely to meet you Bungalowgirl! Looking forward to hearing about all your new adventures with Betsy!

    Love your op shop finds esp. the cute floral fabric!

  2. Oh - Love a good op shop experience. If I am in the city I often pop into a few. I am not letting myself at present as I am supposed to be decluttering...

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. ooo lovely stash, looking forward to seeing what you make!

  4. nanna smell, love it! i buy mothballs so that my cupboards WILL smell that way. oh the memories of weekends at nanna's!