Friday, February 4, 2011

The girl has quirks

I really love the word quirky. Probably because it is one of those rare words that can have both positive and negative meanings simultaneously and if someone describes you as quirky you can never be completely sure if it is a compliment or an insult.

Betsy has more than her fair share of quirks and I thought it was about time she shared.

This one probably takes the cake as it is quirk of heritage status.

This is the splendid peekaboo window with direct access between the open plan dining/loung area and the master bedroom. I suspect it has been designed to allow light from the north east facing living area into the south facing master bedroom. I also suspect it came from an era where couples had 14 children and privacy did not exist. Needless to say with 2 small children who follow us into the toilet it is not actually causing much issue currently and is quite convenient for spying on the kids at breakfast while I get dressed. It especially freaks them out if I they catch them being naughty and they don't realize how I know what they are up to.
The other positive is that is a perfect sized ledge for my earring tree which has dual roles as both  a bedroom and dining room sculptural installation.

Then there is that little issue of wall colour. The previous owners had the good sense to repaint the bedrooms in a nice neutral off white- a little muted and yellowish for my liking but in the white family so quite  acceptable for the time being. Unfortunately they did not continue onto all the living areas and hallway which are a perfectly custard shade of yellow- you can see it in the background of these two photos. Let me just say that when a decent amount of that external blue has had the white duck makeover, the custard will have a very short lifespan.

Lastly there is the piece de resistance- the feature laundry...............but more on that tomorrow as too many quirks can just be overwhelming.


  1. Cute window.... I am looking forward to the feature laundry!

  2. So.... do you think the peek-a-boo window was an original feature, or some bright spark decided to install it at a later date? Quite useful, I'll admit, for easy-serve breakfast in bed, or a way to stay "in the party" even if you decide to pass out early. The biggest drawback I guess is having to keep the bedroom tidy, especially when you have guests! Aren't bedrooms meant as quick-clean-up-when-visitors-arrive fallback? You know, where you chuck all the washing thats lying on the couch, shove in the unsociable cat, half-built lego cities, and shut the door with a smile...

  3. I think it probably is an original feature, there are several other more recent poorly chosen ideas that I haven't showcased yet. The only saving grace is that it is up quite high so people could only see your face if you were getting dressed and chatting at the same time!