Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little bit of sunshine

I have to confess that the reason we haven't been around is that we snuck away for a little bit of sunshine and a lot of sand and sea. Do you think it sets a bad precedent to already be wagging school in the third week of prep? He missed a little bit about dinosaurs ( not really Roboboy's cup of tea anyway) and gained  a lot of hands on experience in castle and moat building, waterslides, boogie boarding and exploring rock pools.

I love this image of Liongirl forging her way ahead of me in hot  pursuit of the waves. It was the longest continous distance she has ever walked without wanting to be picked up. She was also quite put out when I called out to her and she stopped only to discover I had slowed her down for a PHOTO. Not happy Jan.

Don't you wish they made grown up sunnies like these pink numbers? I bought a new pair at the Caloundra markets and she had to choose a pair too. Scary seeing her perch them up on her head like I do!
And this photo is going straight to the desk at work - and all that colour coordination of outfits and umbrellas/boogie boards/shoes was completely not planned either. Actually Liongirl may have matched the shoes to the togs now that I think about it.

We stayed at wonderful place at Moffat Beach Caloundra that was surrounded by trees on the beachfront. This was the view from our deck. We were very close to where the river joins the sea - you can just see it on the left side- and this creates a wonderful shallow pool great for littlies who are scared of big waves. Perfect for paddling, practising on a boogie board, building castles and creating waterslides for baby dolls. We spent several late afternoon hours here every day.

The morning hours were spent here:

Repeated trips down the resorts super waterslide, warming up in the spa and then wandering over to the other pool (yes 2 pools) if one needed a change of scene. The resort is a little dated, definite whiffs of 80's landscaping and decor but for little kids by far the best beachside place we have ever stayed in. Everything you need was in walking distance of our unit- even great cafes and some gorgeous shops. I only drove three times- once to Coles for supplies, once to the fantastic Sunday markets and the last time was to ferret through the 5 opshops that can be found down the main street. I am already planning the next trip back. Oh, yes it did actually rain  nearly every day that we were there but despite this a good time was had by all.


  1. Hard to believe it rained every day with those beautiful blue skies! I think holidays give a much greater learning experience than any school can provide and it looks like you guys had a ball!

  2. Ok I AM crying. Just a little bit. Looks like you had a great time! And those shoes that Liongirl matched to her togs... are they on the wrong feet?!

  3. Yes the shoes are on the wrong feet but Liongirl is well and truly into that famous phase where she cannot be told anything. She is extremely stubborn and single where could she have got that from????
    So, when are we going to book adjacent units at this complex at Caloundra- surely that minus 20 degrees (an inconceivably cold temperature by the way considering that 0 degrees= frozen) is an incentive to plan a little trip home?

  4. sounds like a great time away - love liongirls pose in the picture with her brother. Did you say 5 op shops? Oh my, might have to plan a little get away to Caloundra myself!

  5. Actually Trace, it's 6 op shops- discovered one today down an arcade as we were driving down the main street- that's for next time!