Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Curbside find and pink crochet

See this beautiful pink crochet? It is the start of a cardigan. There is just one teeny tiny problem. If I continue, it will unfortunately only fit  a small dog rather than the 2 year old it is intended for.  Actually, maybe a guinea pig would be a better fit. I did manage to add the start of the sleeves before coming to this awful realization.

It would probably have something to do with my uptight tiny stitch crochet style, using the wrong sized crochet hook and goodness know how many other infractions involving the instructions. Unfortunately, I think I'm much more a big picture girl than a details girl.

I have humbly gone and purchased the correct size crochet hook, and will endeavour to correctly measure the boring but essential tensioning aspects of my next attempt. In my defense the pattern is for a 6 year old and I was blindly trying to reduce it down to fit a 2 yo. Yes, complete insanity for a beginner. I will take solace in knowing that cold guinea pigs of the world are uniting to support my work.

On a more positive and less humbling note, here is the curbside treasure that came home the other day.

Look at those wonderful curved shelves, all solid wood, not a whiff of ply or veneer to be seen. That padded section is actually a door, and there is another door the same on the back as well. Roboboy thinks that is hysterical and has been popping Bella in there and thoroughly addling her with random door selection.

I presume it was a TV cabinet or possibly held a fish tank and was used as a two way room divider. Roboboy is beyond excited as it is going into his room once it is made over. He wants to make up a bed in the fish tank section and sleep in there like a bunk. No, he is not a  pygmy child, it obviously seems bigger to him than it actually is. Best of all the glass shelves and sliding doors were with it and were all intact. I am envisioning all the shelves full of lego creations and the fish tank section set up as a diorama .  As the doors are the only part not in great condition I will probably re- cover them in some funky retro inspired fabric to keep the vibe of this piece. Currently, I'm going to paint it white but wonder if I should paint the interior section black to highlight the lego. The undercoat is already on, hopefully progress photos to come soon.


  1. Lucky!!! WHAT an amazing curbside cleanup treasure. It's kinda bizarre. I wonder what the middle bit was originally meant for. Roboboy's idea is tops - I can totally see it as a bunkbed for oompa loompas. But Roboboy is NOT and oompa loompa.... dammit. Oh, I love and miss curbside cleanup.

  2. I would've thought it was a bar...but it doesn't have a pull down shelf...My kids would be over the moon if I found that too. Happy painting! xx

  3. ooo, lovely! I would pain it white and fill with vintage fabrics and other treasures.... though i suppose lego would be fine too...

  4. I have similar tensioning problems with knitting. I have been attempting to knit a scarf for many years and it is so tight I can barely squeeze the needles in! Glad it is not just me (although your crochet is looking rather lovely!) As for your treasure...score!

  5. What a great find! and your crochet is such a pretty pattern.