Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Ok, well not this picture. I just thought I'd open with a shot of our lovely Rose who appears to have doubled in size overnight. We are hoping that some eggs are imminent as currently we are having to BUY eggs which was not part of the plan. The two new girls are officially "point of lay" but I am starting to question exactly how close to the "point" they are given that they moved in several weeks ago and not an egg in sight. Our old chook Sooty, had an incident a few weeks ago where she seemed quite unwell and we thought maybe she was eggbound. She recovered but has not laid since so they are all  eating us out of house and home with zip to show for it. Well, they are all quite decoratively gorgeous as garden ornaments and are very chatty. I'm just a little worried that I have heard Legoman muttering under his breath "Breakfast, lunch and dinner".........

Now, this is the actual picture I was making reference to. Look very closely and tell  me if you see anything that doesn't belong.

Need a  closer view?

Yes, that would be a Lego Twin Pod Cloud Car  decoratively perched atop my glorious silky oak dresser with PosyPansy vase. The only surface in the house that was unsullied by kiddy clutter prior to this heinous discovery. I was unable to post about this atrocity immediately as  75% of the occupants of this house were rendered bedridden with gastro. Instead as the horror percolated in my mind, I slept on it then woke to find this.

Having been too ill to voice my concerns with Legoman about the impertinence of the CloudCar, he obviously saw no isssue with the addition of a large Lego farm complete with working silo, tractor and hayloft. As I was too appalled to even speak at this point let alone seek clarification, I can only assume this was done  to balance the symmetry in  some attempt to compliment the PosyPansy vase.  He and  Roboboy had spent their recuperation  assembling from the hidden stash of lego saved for prolonged episodes of wet weather and illness that renders me unable to run the house.

The good to come out of it all is that not only do I get to have a little rant about it over here, but also Legoman in his penance has agreed to come with me tomorrow with the trailer and pick up a glorious piece of vintage giveaway left outside a nearby fence. Even he can see it has awesome potential as a Lego display case so win win all around. Hopefully photos tomorrow but I am twitchy as I spied it 3 days ago and couldn't fit it in the boot so fingers crossed it lasts the night.

As the early stages of gastro were starting to appear I did what any sensible woman with limited time without children would do. I shopped. Actually I power shopped and hit two op shops near my hairdresser. You see, as tends to happen in life, Roboboy chose to throw up at school on the only day that Legoman and I had arranged to take off work at the same time in order to get things done that never normally get done. We had sensibly arranged visits to hairdressers, accountants and had tradesmen coming over to give us quotes.

 To look at the positive, at least we were both already off work and took turns doing the stuff that needed to be done and supportively emptying the vomit bowl and ferrying icy poles to the actually not really that sick Roboboy. Two tiny vomits and being well enough to watch ABC kids and build lego rendered me almost completely guilt free in still heading off to the hairdresser. The small amount of remaining guilt is suggesting that I mention that I only get the hairdresser about every 6 months.

So, imagine my delight at finding these. Heightened by the fact that I knew, as I started to feel nauseous, exactly how the next day or so was going to be spent.

6 already hemmed velour squares in pristine condition. They were apparently lounge arm rest protectors.  Imagine that lounge, I'm envisioning a club lounge for sure. I am now wondering if those squares could work with crochet on the other side as a cushion? What a tactile feast.

This lovely fabric, which I can see as some sort of top half item for myself.

And some wonderful little girls dress patterns, no hints who they are for. There was another huge piece of  fabric and a dress but they were not out of the wash at photo time. Now my next project is to reclaim some space in this lego ridden house for my sewing machine and set to work. More on that very soon, and some new functional crochet is in the pipeline too, keep you all posted.

Gratuitous gorgeous chicken shot to complete an excessively wordy post filled with  rantings about eggless chickens, lego decorating attempts and vomiting children with very poor timing. Such is life.


  1. I love a wordy post. I can hear your voice :) Hope you have all emerged from the bout of gastro! The decorative features flanking your posypansy vase look very similar to decorative features in my house. We must have similar taste in interior decorating ;)

  2. put a doily under the lego display. it'll come good!


  3. lovely buys. Oh no for the gastro, how absolutely horrid when you are on holidays and all!