Sunday, April 10, 2011

We've been invaded

I will start by saying that I was feeling pretty pleased with myself that Legoman appeared to have changed his mind about wasting money on personalized plates. And then a 40 year old ex professional Canadian snowboarder, with an about to expire visa, turned up at our house with a boot full of lego. Actually 31 sets of Star Wars lego to be precise. With an impressive 90 minifigures to boot. If you have boys in the house, cover the screen now. And no, not all the sets would fit in the shot.

Surprisingly, his ex wife had not been enamoured with the lego collection, and strangely he had been unable to find another Aussie girl to marry and provide a long term stay here. This was despite looking remarkably like Robbie Williams (before he went all paunchy), and had I mentioned that he was a Canadian Ex Professional Snowboarder. When I archly suggested that perhaps the nerds fantasy collection of lego may have been holding him back, Legoman looked at me like I was a crazy woman. Oh and I hadn't even mentioned the full set of Star Wars Pez dispensers still in their packaging that he just threw into the pile of lego.

So it's been all action over at Betsy's. Half the boys in our street have been recruited to disassemble and scrub dusty lego sets with soapy water and toothbrushes. Then while waiting for the pieces to dry there was the compulsory discussion about whether General Grievous is the coolest minifigure, where is the missing piece to attach Princess Leia in her chains to Jaba the Hutt and the discovery on ebay that one particular set of Star Wars minifigures is listed on ebay for $9000 . I am now wondering if our set of minifigures could be funding a bathroom renovation.

Legoman reassures me that this collection was a complete bargain as he only spent about a third of what it is probably worth, it was significantly less than he wanted to spend on personalized plates and as he has duplicates of about half the sets he plans to on sell all these to pay for the ones he did not have. And before I got too excited, that his set of minifigures would only fund a new basin.  Now the only real issue is that this new collection has completely taken over our granny flat where I was about to start sewing and there are little bowls of washed and drying bricks all over the house. Sometimes I just want to break out the vacuum cleaner......

So Liongirl and I just hung out and pottered around the house together completely uninterrupted.

The recent copy of Real Living magazine came with a free goody bag. You know the sort where you get teeny samples of sponges and washing liquid and boxes of breakfast cereal. Well, they were immediately nabbed and lined up on the back of the lounge for miss Liongirl's shop. Each item would be loaded into the trolley, money would change hands, change would be given and once the whole shop and been purchased it would all be sent back via a delivery for the shop to be restocked. Amazing that doing this at least 6 times in a row did not lose it's appeal.

Time to make the stuffing and use the brush to oil the chicken. Every centimetre thoroughly and diligently covered.
Then it was straight back to her own box of lego to build a house , pink of course, with a white pony.


  1. He's not called Legoman for nothing.

    Don't worry, I feel your pain. Jason is a Nerd too. With a capital N. There is a major Star Wars collection of figures and vehicles in our downstairs room too. His figures must be fully articulated. Ha!

  2. Oh Anita, I completely forgot about the bonus bag of Star Wars articulated figures thrown in as well- suspect they will be going on ebay as they are not lego. Glad to know someone else is suffering the scourge as well. Now I know why there are no shots of the lower level of the sow's ear.

  3. My husband is also into Lego men (and Lego in general). He thought your blog was about Lego when I showed him the pic and said that is why you have more watchers. LOL. My BIL has Lego spaceships all set up and won't let anyone touch them. He brought them out when his nephews were there but was so scared someone would mess then up. :)

  4. you think lego collecting is scary, you need to meet my brother in law, he collects chocolate wrappers and pastes them into a scrapbook. omg, i thought i was gonna die laughing the first time i saw him pasting them. compared with that, lego collections are awesome.


  5. OMG Kirsty. My husband and I watch that Collectors show and are amazed at what people collect. I always say that maybe people are created to be interested in different things so that these items are not lost in time. Maybe in 100 years people will think the old wrappers are 'cool'... LOL. So funny!

  6. Oh no - definitely not going to tell my dudes about your latest post/Legoman's haul. I am still hearing about Legoman's lego collection, and how cool it was, and how we should visit you again.... and they are all memories from our visit 3 years ago!!! (Mind you, I completely agree with them, we need to visit you again, though not necessarily for the lego). Star wars lego is ALL Mikus wants for his birthday (in a couple of weeks), and I have been left wondering, how many grey plastic bricks are TOO MANY??

  7. Wow that is some collection! We love lego around here too but half of it ends up in the vacuum cleaner!

  8. Who would have thought so many bloggers had lego collecting nerds for husbands. I have suggested that Legoman starts his own lego blog but he just looked quizzical about who on earth would want to follow it. I don't think he has quite realized that while he is actioning it most other blokes are just dreaming about it. The chocolate wrappers are just frightening but I suspect are a little easier to contain in one place and less likely to be displayed all over the house?

  9. What an incredible haul! I can't believe someone would have that much lego!