Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teeny crochet squares and a pile of loose ends

The word of the month around here is TEENY. Liongirl has a little bit of a thing for very small items. She has 2 teeny bunnies that she cannot sleep without, loves teeny cupcakes and likes her morning milk in a teeny sipper cup ie. small tupperware container with a sipper lid on top.

It's kind of rubbed off on me and here I am producing teeny tiny crochet squares. These are the nine small squares that will be blocked then joined together to form a  larger square with the dark brown one in the centre. The best thing is that it is an easy pattern and each one can be whipped up within the time frame of a toddlers swimming lesson. If I like the look of the square I might make a few more and turn it into a rectangle.

Today was a glorious taste of typical Brisbane autumn weather. I had never really embraced autumn as a season here before as all the storybook versions of autumn with piles of leaves on the ground doesn't really happen here. Our old neighbours had a persimmon tree which was deciduous so it was easy to peek out the dining room window to see how that persimmon was going. Besty has no deciduous trees near her but she does have a north facing lounge room.  And the light has changed already. It's less vivid  and is now pouring in over my lounge chair for the first time in months. So Bella and I sat basking in it, while I tucked and trimmed all the loose ends on my squares. And now there is a little pile of short threads, what to do with them? I vaguely remember reading a blogpost where threads were left outside for  birds to incorporate into their nests. Would be quite funky nests wouldn't they?
I slapped on a little white interior paint to day. Not enough progress to justify a photo yet.  Still tweaking in order to get just the right white to enhance our artwork as well as the beautiful light in our living room. Also it was a Thursday thrift kind of morning- a tablecloth with cherries, a vintage home made toddler dress . Photos for this coming soon.

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  1. betsy is going to look real good with crocheted goodness everywhere!