Friday, June 10, 2011

Rapunzel Rapunzel

Roboboy's prep class just packed up the pirate theme and the new theme (chosen by democratic vote) is castles, knights , dragons and princesses. Roboboy is not a fan of democracy as his theme suggestions of Lego, Polar bears and Space have not been widely embraced.  Another mum has created the castle and  the banquet table complete with silverware  ( I am working on a turret with drawbridge) and all we needed was a really long plait to create Rapunzel's hair.

 I had been contemplating where to get really thick wool, and lots of it for this momentous task when lo and behold look what I found in a bag at the op shop for a measly $4.  I have never seen wool this thick before- about 1 cm diameter but still soft. And in exactly the right colours, can you believe it?
Despite cutting all the lengths the same, I did end up with lots of short bits so the plait gets thinner as it goes towards the bottom. Lucky I'm not employed as a hairdresser. Hard to tell in the photo but it's about 2 m in length so should look impressive.

I also found this gorgeous fabric and some crochet patterns.

And the unexpected bonus was this lovely little Sylvac jug for $4. Like everything that comes home with me, it's all about the colour. Oh and a little orange reel of thread as well.

Does anyone else have THOSE op shop experiences where you actually NEED and the op shop provides?


  1. Looks like it was your lucky op shop day! On rare occasions that has happened to me. Loving that blue jug.

  2. I'm so thrilled you found that wool! You have a great pool of op shops at your disposal. I also wonder, if these op shop finds could think, what they'd say about the new life they get given by bloggers like you!

    Well done, BB!

  3. What brilliant Rapunzel-esque hair!!
    The op-shop provided very well for us last year, when my husband made the pre-prep scarecrow. I did a post on it back in the day. It was heaps of fun.
    Also fun is to have an op-shop dress up party. I've friends who did this in Dwn last year, and it was a hit.

  4. Yes - quite a few times: karate uniform, change table mat, sheets, are a few recents and presents, lots of presents for loved ones. Love the plait - cool idea!

  5. love that jug, I am drawn to that colour as well.

  6. Seriously in love with the jug, particularly the colour. You are a talented op shopper.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. How fab! Great finds for you and Roboboy! I had a great experience at an op shop recently. I was looking for a new dress and found one. Just the right thing for the occasion I was going to and it fit me like a glove. You feel like you have won the lotto huh?

  8. Sounds like a great day at the op shop. I love the blue jug you found, such a pretty colour. xo

  9. That 'hair' is fantastic! I would love to make that for my girls. They have about five hideous blonde fake hair plaits from the $2 all bound together so they can play Rapaunzel over the top bunk. it is so incredibly manky and they have dreadlocks and bits of bark and crap all through it. Embarrassing!

    You're OP SHOP adventures look like so much fun.

    Through your inspiration I visited a couple of local vinnies and I was thrilled to come out with some great lego, a picture atlas by DK and a very cool Nana style navy lined raincoat.

    There was lots of chipped crystal but not gorgeous milk glass. But you never know.

  10. Oh yeah. Didn't you know about the op-shoppers meditation? In the car on the way there, you say to yourself (out loud, if possible) a positive glorious visualisation of what you need. Ie. "Today at the op shop I am going to find a mountain of synthetic blue fur to make sesame street puppets" (or whatever). It almost always works. Kind of. For example, with the above meditation you will probably find that rapunzel wool you've always needed :)
    PS. Your Rapunzel plait is AWESOME

  11. My girls have FORCED me to keep this page open ALL long weekend. They are in love with the rapunzel hair.BADLY IN LOVE! Nonna Fran is coming over to attempt to make it for them for an afternoon activity. should be hilarious, cause they will bug the daylights out of her! Will communicate result although it won't be as fabulous as the one above xx

  12. That jug is lovely, beautiful colour.

  13. That plait is the best!
    And, my girls have straight blunt cut hair, but my plaits always end up with shorter bits. I'm scared about tomorrow morning because it's school photo day and I have to get them right.