Sunday, June 19, 2011

Totally addicted to fetes

We hit another of our local school fetes today. We couldn't not go, we have mates at this one. Who need our support, and companionship on the unlimited rides. We are starting to worry though that the smalls may start to consider it normal weekend etiquette to obtain an all day ride pass to while away those gorgeous blue skied wintery days. This was the lolly necklace tree on the sweet stall. These necklaces are THE item to have and sold out in a jiffy. A few fantales and a lollipop on a ribbon and Bob's your uncle thankyou very much and even the boys are lining up for these.

How cool is that tree adorned in all it's sugary glory?

And check out the sweet stall in general. Looks as spectacular as a box of chocolates I think. Put together by a mate of mine who runs the best Wedding and Reception Stylist company in the Southern hemisphere. ( Ok well definitely Queensland- she just won the two top Bridal Industry awards for Wedding Hire and Decorating) I will now shamelessly plug her talents - if you are planning a beach or garden wedding pop over to Beautiful Beach Weddings and take a peek.

Of course we had to sample the wares. How cute are these fairy mushroom sprinkle marshmallows on a stick?

And how good is a $1 helicopter toy when it provides hours of fun and conversation.

Not to forget those rides in the last hour or so when there are no queues and you can just go back on over and over and over and over......

And the other really good part for me was getting to sneak in at 7 am on my own to ferret through the trash and treasure. A mountain of kids books for $1 each, Real Living magazines for 50cents each (I only started buying this year but managed to find most of 2010) and a pile of puzzles for $2 a pop. We are all wonderfully weary and are vowing no more fetes...... well, until August at least.


  1. I haven't been to a fete in a while but yours looks like it's got lots of yummy treats to keep little and big people happy:) The stall looks fantastic, better than any fete stall I've seen in a long time. Glad you had a lovely day to enjoy such a great fete. xo

  2. Looks like beautiful weather up there for the middle of winter. Lucky you (very cold down south) and a great day had by all by the look of it!

  3. I love a good fete. Lots of fun and bargains.

    Must try making those mushrooms, they look fab.

    We had a family fundraiser at school yesterday which I will post about today.

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Were having a preschool fundraiser soon and im thinking those lolly necklaces might be good to make...!

  5. Too much fun luvvie! Those necklaces surely look like the must have item. The fairy mushroom sprinkle marshmallow ohhhh too good!

  6. I haven't been to a fete in years. Probably since school, come to think of it. Looks like I'm missing out. Love the sound of that fairy mushroom sprinkle marshmallow... gxo