Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reverse Garbage

Today we trotted off to Reverse Garbage to check out the free kids workshops as part of a family fun open day celebrating their recent move to new larger premises. Roboboy was most pleased with his huge fill a bag for $7 haul plus the green plastic thingy for 20 cents that is destined to become the foundations for a medieval castle.

 Liongirl is doing a spectacular version of her sulky lip pout. Unsure if this is because she has just realized she has spent the morning wearing a bonnet designed for a 6 month old baby or if she knows she can't compete with Roboboys cracker of a pose that surely destines him for a Target catalogue feature.

They spent a good hour or so whiling away time at a creative workshop for kids. All the bits and bobs you could dream of - fur, fabric plastic thingies, string, adhesive dots and unlimited glue, scissors and hole punches.

Within an hour they had made mobiles, a plane, a spotty dinosaur, a furry mouse and a necklace. Not to mention Liongirl herself using an entire bottle of glue. Then it was time to check out the warehouse and fill a bag with craft goodies to take home.

Reverse garbage takes off cuts and remnants from all kinds of factories  and businesses then on sells them to the community to avoid them going to landfill. The also have a small shop where you can buy items crafted from these cast off items. The warehouse is a den of crafting treasures. Including things you never knew you needed.

Spiky wheels, sheepskin remnants, topographical maps - they have them.

Looking for that Luna Park mask?

Plaster feet - with toes for $2, without for $1. Which frankly begs the question- where are the toes?

Oodles of fabric remnants, ropes, cords and carpet bits.

And every boy needs his very own man at work road sign. Actually this would have been a good back up for Roboboy's second birthday as the combine harvester proved difficult to source.

The kids loved filling the bag with goodies of their choice, and as soon as Roboboy can sway the democratic prep vote towards a space theme I'll be back for some of that silver padded stuff in the bucket on the right.

Back home a creative vibe was happening and we launched into creating our turret for the castle theme at school. Legoman and the kids snaffled some of my grey deck paint and started work.

Can you see where we are heading? Tomorrow we have to add some arched windows, cobblestone walls, a drawbridge and a moat, then it's off to school.


  1. Her little face is priceless, I've seen a few of those around here lately.
    That place looks awesome, every kids dream! what a great idea.

  2. There needs to be more of those places I wish we had one as good here.Id be there all the time I am sure lol

  3. My goodness, how cute is that first pic? The expressions! What a great idea for the kid's..wish our local tip was a little more like that.

  4. I laughed out loud at Liongirl's pout and your commentary. And you're right, Roboboy's pose is so very che Targe catalogue! Love, M

  5. I am very jealous of liongirl's bonnet. It is fantastic!! Do you think I could get away with wearing one at age 38? I so wish I could! Reverse Garbage is very cool! xx Katherine

  6. I've heard of Reverse Garbage ... where is it? It looks amazing!! Something for everyone. I hope it gets lots of business.

    We're doing a castle at school too. Strange. Though I'm stuffed just sending in toilet rolls!

    Great post! Loved it.

  7. What a great place to take your kids. Loving the castle they are making. It's massive! Your daughter with the baby bonnet and pout is hilariously cute. xx

  8. so freakin cute! your comments make me giggle. i stumbled across the lovely caravan at westend after remembering your post about it. had to let her know you guided me there, she was lovely! i only justified that apron purchase because i want to wear it when i open my shop! haha. had a peek around the caravan..instant jealously. :) good luck with the moat and i totally love liongirl's bonnet. cuteness!