Sunday, December 1, 2013

Memories and Milestones

Oh, we have had a week full of goodness. Where on earth to start? Perhaps with the stash of vintage tablecloths waiting for me at the oppie when I took down four full bags of stuff. Some of which came from the contents of all these cardboard boxes which are finally all unpacked. Every last one. Legoman even sold the boxes, so this pile no longer resides in the house at all.

It was the week of the one and only end of year kindy concert. I think in many ways that precious kindy year is a magical,warm and fuzzy time that is never quite replicated later in life. And when it is the end of kindy year for your youngest child, well that is very, very special.

Oh, my beautiful birdy leaving your nest. Remember this year, it's one of the best.

We took the kids to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, their first exposure to a musical stage show. Liongirl was in heaven, even sitting in row Q did not dampen her enthusiasm.

 As it was a week of memories and milestones, I had to include the first ever wearing of plaits in her hair. This is a very big deal at our place. Two words - sensory issues. If you do not know what that means be very, very grateful. If you do know, just nod and smile to yourself and share my joy of small moments.

And lets not forget this new essential kindy creation.

"It's a money machine Mama".
Oh, a cash register, how lovely.
"Noooo Mama, a MONEY machine"
Do you mean a machine that makes money? Oh yes, goodness it appears to have already produced $7.15!

That will come in very handy for a spot of Christmas shopping. Not for these though, as hopefully Santa will come through with a set of these for your bird mad brother. We are presuming that Everingham & Watson ship direct to the North Pole.

There are a few other things on the go around here. Namely this dubious attempt at a jellyfish. No clues here on the theme of the upcoming birthday party.

And this stool from the op shop which for ten dollars had enormous potential despite it's previous unfortunate makeover with gold stencilling, royal blue paint and thick drippy varnish.  What I thought at first glance were studs under the seat were actually thick drips of dried lacquer.  Talk about bodgy rushed makeover gone bad. Picture a colour change and some crochet love.

Oh yes, it was a great, wondrous week.


  1. Your tablecloths are so pretty, very vibrant and colourful. Good job too on selling the boxes that has to be a good thing! Looks as though you are having a great time being back in your bungalow home! xx

  2. What a beautiful post Mel! Loved every little bit of it. Those tablecloths are amazing I'm a wee bit jel. I think you may have inspired me to get op shopping and to get me blogging! I'm sitting here in the quiet drinking my first tea for the day and your lovely post made for the perfect read to set the scene. Have a great week Mel!

  3. Ah, those old sensory issues! Well done Liongirl, and to mummy too for her persistence/desensitization/hard work!

  4. I am so glad that you had a great week!
    I love the jellyfish and those little birds are perfect.
    For Mother's Day Toddler C made me a piggy bank at childcare...of course it never actually was given to resides in his room and every so often he demands money for it...thanks childcare!

  5. I love the money machine! Could I maybe get one, too? I am rather envious of those table cloths. Are you going to use them as such, or make something? Wouldn't they make a wonderful quilt?

    Thanks for stopping by on my own site, love new visitors.

  6. Oh, the end of an era with kindy finishing Mel. She looks so happy though, love the bird outfit, and hooray for plaits!
    Must be a huge relief to have all the boxes unpacked and sold. I can't wait for the same moment. So much stuff of ours has been in and out of boxes for 4 years.
    That stool is hilarious. I am guilty of stencilling furniture back in the mid 90's. The shame! xx

  7. Be still my beating heart! Love the table cloths. Lovely post Mel xo

  8. Now that is pure op shop karma at work there! We have the last kindy concert ever, ever this week too! Having already been to the first last ever five years ago, I am more chilled this time. She is SO ready for prep.
    I've had to stop buying stools as the husband started taking them to work - like an intervention!

  9. Hi, when I saw those babushka birds on E&W's IG feed I automatically thought of you - somehow I knew you would get your hands on them - they are perfect! I know that there must be a bit of sadness/hesitation with LG finishing Kindy and starting prep next year, but the flipside is you will get some well deserved time-out. Unfortunately for me it appears the older J gets the harder he is to manage and his erratic behaviour is having a very bad influence on the younger boys. xx

  10. Gorgeous Mel, everything! Loving your new old tablecloths. I agree, Kindy is the best year. My boys are just about to finish Kindy too and it really is a special year. Liongirl looks so gorgeous and quite grown-up with her new plaits :-) Looking forward to your stool makeover….I have a similar obsession with "occasional" chairs, they just leap into my boot from the oppie! Have a great week! Mel x

  11. Love the tablecloths!!
    We are doing the Kindy thing in these last few weeks too.., its all kinds of beautiful, I don't want it to end ;(

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  13. Too much lacquer! Too much lacquer! I'm excited about our last kindy year next year ... you have conjured up the mixed emotions that go along with it. I did see those birds and pondered them for a sec. they are v. cute. And Liongirl is the cutest little thing with her big eyes and button nose! Keep up the good work.

  14. Love the tablecloths! I remember those hectic last couple of weeks of school, all the concerts, award nights, plates of food... and I fondly remember that first day of the Christmas School Hols when everyone can sleep in and just go aahhh! I hope Liongirl isn't too upset about leaving Kindy, they grow up so much during this 6 week break xx.

  15. They grow so quickly don't they! I love those table cloths :) x

  16. They do look like studs under the stool don't they?
    Love the tablecloths!

  17. I bet it felt good to get rid of those boxes! You must be sick of the sight of them. The nesting bird dolls are great, I like those very much. You found some lovely things in the op shop - the table cloths are gorgeous (why do I never find things like this?) and I can already picture how great that stool will look, freshly painted with a crochet topper. x