Monday, February 7, 2011

Crochet progress and a paint makeover

Amazing but in the last 5 desperate minutes of that crochet class something clicked and I seem to have got it. This is the progress from the last two evenings whiling away time that would normally be wasted on trashy TV. The only minor issue is that I have no idea how to properly finish a row or add a new colour so have been making that up as I  go. Could bode very badly in terms of the whole thing completely unravelling if I so much as sneeze, then again maybe Anne can work her wonders with that in hindsight. I can't wait to get back to my next class on Saturday to re learn these important bits so I can continue in confidence. I'm also loving the colours, they are actually a little more muted than this in real life (that pale bluey colour is actually a grey) and I can't wait to see the finished cushion on my lounge.

Despite the stinking hot weather I also managed to finish painting the back wall of the house and am really liking the white duck with white trim. Remember this?

Well have a look now.....

Note how artfully Bella has draped herself over the table in the centre of the shot. She followed me outside for the photo shoot- I told you she was angling for a Home Beautiful cover shot. Or maybe she just knows that the colour brings out her highlights. The trims all need another coat but I am pretty happy with the pale wall colour. It really lightens up the space and makes it feel alot bigger. The only thing really bugging me now is the hideous blue grey floor. This is the problem with starting a makeover - the part you have done makes everything not done even more noticeable. So before the week is out I'll be back at that paint shop getting ready to tackle those floors.


  1. I think it looks fantastic. Well done!

  2. Ahh the colour scheme I wanted for our house - unfortunately planning says we cannot have white paint trim :( It looks excellent. Did you sand it first or is this just a freshening up?? I'm very impressed!!