Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crochet cushion taking shape

Yesterday was the final of my three Saturday afternoon crochet classes. I had been under pressure to complete those 6 squares before the class started in order to be able to sew them together and start the back panel. This resulted in several crochet cramming sessions - while watching a movie, driving to Caloundra (no I was not crocheting and driving, just being a busy passenger and trying not to get motion sickness)  in the waiting room of an appointment for Roboboy and while clothes shopping for Legoman.

Starting off is still the hardest part and there were many occasions of unpicking, redoing the first 4 steps then pulling it all apart and doing it again and again. The hardest part about being a beginner is that you have no idea how it is supposed to look and if you make a mistake you can never be sure how far back the mistake goes so sometimes it is easier to pull it apart and start again.
It is heartening to know that I now understand how to replicate the 3 main stitches- double, treble and chain but I am a little concerned about how that translates to reading a pattern and producing something that looks acceptable.
Luckily Anne has given permission to pop back to class to get any tips that are required which is a great relief as being sent home to complete the back panel and sewing it all together unsupervised is a little disconcerting.
My next plan is to finish this piece then go back to choose some new colours that will work better in my lounge room and design a  new cushion cover that will compliment a recent cushion purchase from Caloundra. (photo tomorrow when the light is better of  both the cushion  and some new fabric finds from Thrifting Thursday.) Then I hope to start work on some hair clips, hopefully not too ambitious for a recent beginner.
I am really enjoying the portability of this as a craft, so easy to take your hook and a small bag for wool/project and just sit down anywhere and steal a few extra rows. It is also getting more social as now I can actually crochet and talk at the same time. Can't really watch a screen or give eye contact though  that could be months away!

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