Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grateful for op shop crochet serendipity

The week that I started my crochet classes I had an amazingly serendipitous op shop find moment. While ferreting around in a book pile I came across this 70's beauty for $2. In fact there were also 3 others in the series but this was the only one all about crochet. Kind of clinched that doing the class was the right decision. Now that I've almost got a handle on the basic stitches I thought I'd let myself have a better look for some inspiration.

And frankly I'm really torn as to which one to whip up for Legoman first........

Can we justify the granny square vest if he doesn't have a horse to share long meaningful looks with? And could Legoman pull off  a belted vest  while gondoliering down the Brisbane river?

Is the too tight v neck jumper with matching turtleneck impractical for a Brisbane Summer and does it only work if you are a human Ken doll? Can he bring self respect to a cream cable crochet cardi if he doesn't have a comb-over?

Too many options, Legoman will just have to wait until Fathers day I think so we can choose something really spesh.

This just brings back memories of my own crochet bikini which seemed to really have issues staying on in the surf as far as I remember. Did not seem to stop me wanting to wear it I might add. Could Roboboy require long term therapy if he was photographed wearing belted crocheted swim shorts?

Now this one  I could actually see myself wearing over a black skivvy, but there is no way my hair would EVER behave like this. A few years ago I did actually have my hair blow dried straight by a hairdresser. I crept home to get Legoman's opinion only to have him look at me with fond concern and point out that I looked just like a pound puppy. Not quite the look I was going for so the curls have been back to stay ever since.

Maybe I just need to stop getting ahead of myself and knuckle down and finish this:

I'm loving this stripy crochet number. This will become the back of my cushion. I managed to do all this today at a work conference. It is really easy to listen and crochet at the same time, some pauses for taking of notes but these rythmic stripes are super as you can zone out and not even worry about following a complicated pattern. Grateful for crochet, conferences,stripes and Legoman taking care of the smalls for me today.

I'm trying to link into but not exactly sure what I'm doing. Grateful for being able to mess around and have a go.


  1. Hey - linking up from Maxabella. Those photos are classic!! Loving your post :O) Following along and looking forward to seeing how your creative works all turn out.

  2. You're linked! Whatever you did, worked just fine. So great to see you here. I had a big guffaw over that 'patchwork with horse' number. Can you imagine a fella wearing that these days? Oh my word that would be hysterical.

    A great find and thanks for the smiles. x

  3. Hi girls, thanks for popping in to say hi and check out crochet for blokes. I think the only thing to really decide is whether that granny square man vest should be in neutrals/pastels or mexican inspired colour scheme and which brings out a horse's best features?

  4. Where are you doing your crochet class? Is it easy? Is it hard? I just can't get my mind around it ... but am itching to jump on board!

  5. The crochet classes are at - they are in Sherwood. I did the beginners class which was 2 hours on a Sat arvo for 3 Saturdays. First class was a complete disaster- see previous blog entry titled " teeny tiny crochet from an uptight learner" for gruesome details. But thankfully something clicked and now it's pretty easy. There are only 4 main stitches, the main problem is working out what you are doing without having seen the end product. I had never knitted or crocheted before and am shockingly not coordinated so give it a go. I would love to start an evening crochet and coffee gang who meet up to chat ( about quirky kids or environmental sustainability or kitchen design) and inspire each other in creative endeavours.