Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teeny tiny crochet from an uptight learner

Finally the day arrived for my beginners class in crochet. While I was really excited to be doing something creative I had a little anxiety about whether my brain would actually choose to connect to my hands as this is not one of my strong points. I had no trouble at all with steps 1 and 2 which involved choosing 4 wool colours and remembering the teachers name. Then it all pretty much went pear shaped.

 She then  showed us at what seemed like lightning speed  the 3 main stitches we would need to whip up a cushion  and left us to copy her. The other two ladies picked it up pretty quickly while I could not get past chain stitch. Well finally almost at the end of 2 hours of dropping stitches, being unable to find the right hole and constantly reversing the way to pick up the thread I managed to produce this teeny tiny specimen and I am so proud of myself. Along the way I tried really hard not to think about the fact that Anne could do this at age four and that the reason my square was so tiny was that my wool tension was too tight. Anne was happy to inform me that this was because I was uptight and needed to RELAX ( not one of my strong points).

I think it is so amazing that with one needle and some wool you can create something that turns corners, joins colours and creates a 3 dimensional object. And even more amazing is that some woman somewhere years ago worked all this out by herself! Bring on the granny squares- I am ready.


  1. Ha! I went out and bought wool (with Tiss in tow) this morning too!!! And have a few wonky granny squares to show for it.... yours definitely looks more skillful than mine :) Nice that we are in sync, and have been spending our Saturday doing the same thing. Now if only we were in the same room dropping stitches and nattering :)

  2. So glad to hear you are inspired to crochet too. What do the boys think of it all? - they are old enough to learn you know! About the nattering, great in theory but I would need a few weeks before I could talk at the same time as doing crochet-it's currently taking every scrap of concentration.Make sure you post your efforts on your blog so I can see too.

  3. ah, looking good! Love you colour choices.