Monday, August 22, 2011

Sewing basket with a story

Had one of those op shop experiences this week. The sort where you not only find something that had been on a searching for list, but something most wonderful and unexpected. This sewing basket with it's murky green velvet and floral embroidered lid,  was for sale, with all its contents as well.

Suspect the original owner was probably around  my vintage, it has a  70's  vibe about it. If I had received this for my 10th birthday I would have been over the moon. The name pencilled carefully on the bottom in extremely neat grade 8 style handwriting says " Susan Grinsell". It is always exciting to take a peek at what treasures are inside. Look at the gorgeous mint green satin lining with built in pin cushion.

I can tell you that Susan had a fondness for tape measures ( she had three), was dabbling with fusing wire (whatever you do with that I have no idea) and was contemplating a " bra back repair" but this was never done as the required piece is still in the packet. She had a lovely assortment of buttons and most revealingly, a 1982  Commonwealth Games embroidered badge still in the packet. 

Last week I was reading another lovely Brisbane blog and stumbled across a link to my old year 11 boyfriend who is now a photographer. When we dated he was a drummer in a rock band. Knowing my luck he is probably married to Susan Grinsell and she is going to want her sewing basket back. Despite having over a million people, there seem to only be about 3 degrees of separation between people in Brisbane. A few months ago we sold Liongirl's cot in the weekend shopper. How super to discover that the purchaser was one of my clients at work who turned up on a Saturday morning when I was still in my pyjamas and the kids were running feral around the house.

Look what else I found. Three lovely pyrex bowls, 50 cents each and superb colours of course.

And check out the gorgeous crochet number for miss Liongirl. Inspiration for making my own. I have to say, after the cardigan to fit a guinea pig disaster, I really needed something to get me motivated again.

And the action shot, she wanted to put it on as soon as it came off the washing line.

And the item that I had been searching for? Well, would you believe I had been scouring ebay for some velour corduroy in a mustardy yellowy greenish colour to make a cushion for our bedroom. The inspiration came from a new painting that I will share shortly. And low and behold, a huge piece of yellowish mustardy greenish velour corduroy was just there waiting for me. I kid you not, I really had been looking on ebay for this but it is a tricky colour to search for.

It's the one on the bottom, a bit of a chameleon colour, in the top sewing basket photo it looks quite green. The fabric on top of it was bona fide polyester all the way baby. In this super cool mustard, white and brown zig zaggy pattern. No idea yet what to do with it, but could not bring myself to leave it behind. And the final item, well no photos yet but let me just say it involves a king sized chenille bedspread in immaculate condition. I think I was hyperventilating and frothing at the mouth when I stumbled onto it and then when she told me the price I just promptly had a turn and passed out. Images arriving soon, of the chenille, not me frothing at the mouth.

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  1. heee so funny about the buyer of your cot! Love your post and your treasures espesh the purple crochet. Cute.

  2. I love that sewing basket! Pyrex for 50 cents what a bargain.

    E :)

  3. What amazing finds! I never see sewing baskets in that kind of condition. Just gorgeous!

    Your daughter looks adorable in that new top. Too cute!

  4. I love your little sewing box (that minty green interior!) and the story about Susan, old boyfriend etc's a bit like that in Perth too, the three degrees of separation thing...
    I remember wearing little dresses just like Liongirl's (most gorgeous one) when I was little, must hunt for photos.
    I can't wait to see your chenille bedspread when it arrives and your new painting too x

  5. no, he is not married to susan grinsell, so I believe that lovely basket is all yours...

  6. Ooh that sewing basket is divine! My aunty used to use fuse wire to make the most gorgeous little bead trees..they were so intricate and highly sort after in those days.


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  8. Oh My...what great finds....All of them!! I would have been fighting you for them if I had seen them first! There seems to be a major drought of goodies at my local op shops....That crochet top is so pretty. :)

  9. Mel. I want your pyrex bowls!

    I know how it is when it comes to messy offices. You should see the state of mine. Will be looking forward to your pattern.

  10. The sewing basket story was really beautiful! A clth games badge untouched, that is even more exciting!