Sunday, May 8, 2011

Making the most of Mothers Day

The first Sunday in May is the absolute best day in the world to be a mum. Firstly, everyone is under strict instructions to not wake you up until 7 am ( we made it to 6.20) aside from a vague memory of icy cold toes warming themselves up on my stomach at 5.20 am.

Next there are cups of tea and breakfast and magazines in bed until at least 7.30. Not to forget the wonderful presents as well. I think our school art teacher has a sense of humour regarding the culinary capabilities of most dads.

These were not required at our place as Legoman whipped up some pancakes instead. Don't you just love the colouring in on that teapot, not to mention my gorgeous Rainbow Chicken laminated artwork. Roboboy had put extra effort in getting the chooks comb just right, I didn't quizz him about the bonus legs or the fact that the poor girl was stuffed full of eggs. Now that I think about it, they look suspiciously like foil wrapped easter eggs. He can keep hoping.

And these were from my gorgeous girl.

Who'd have thought that a 2 year old could make rose shaped soap. I have obviously been grossly underestimating her capabilities by only expecting her to put on her own undies. Thank goodness her childcare teacher has more faith and a heck of a lot more patience than me. Frankly, with 12 in her class they could be churning these out like a little factory.

 The milk glass bowl was spotted on a recent visit to the Paddington Antique Centre and had obviously been snaffled up and stashed away by Legoman. I love the luminescence of the glass, love the white and the shape is wonderful. Had no idea it was even called milk glass until stumbling across a gorgeous  little collection over at Rosa's Room . Apparently  the opaque or "opal" glass can come in other colours but the white is obtained by adding either tin dioxide or more likely in 16th century Venice, bone ash. Often the pieces are quite textural in shape or form, which is what I really liked about the little bowl. Here is a selection I found when doing a search.

image wikipaedia

 Don't they look amazing as a whole collection against a vibrant coloured wall. Mine looks very much like the bottom row third from the right. Now I just have to make sure it does not become a depositary for lego minifigure parts.

The rest of the best day in the year involved extremely well behaved children, a picnic at New Farm Park and some serious white painting of walls. Eternal gratitude to my mum who despite being a full time working single mother, managed to pass on to me her intense desire to learn, to share knowledge with others, to be creative and always believe that you can do anything, especially if others say it cannot be done. Love you Mum.

my Liongirl, and my gorgeous mum


  1. Those pressies are priceless Mel, love the teapot and the chook. gorgeous piece of milk glass and you have taught me something, I didn't know how it was made. Lovely of you to mention me, glad you had a great day. x

  2. what a lovely day! love the milk glass, love the chocolate egg stuffed chicken placemat and the coco pops. love those memories of crawling into bed with mum with presents made at school. thank you for sharing. x

  3. Happy Mothers Day! Looks like you were spoilt rotten and deservedly so!
    The placemat is precious and love the milk glass!

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely mothers day :) Love the teapot!

  5. Happy mother's day! The milk glass is a very pretty piece and goes perfectly with the rose soap.

    The children's artwork is very colourful - love it. x Leah x

  6. Sounds like you enjoyed a special time on your special day. It's nice to be made a fuss of.

    I just adore the art work, so vibrant and special.

    Yesterday I found at my mum's two boxes of art work, one for each of my girls that I had in storage for two years. The girls sat for ages going through the collection, laughing, oohing and aahing at their early work.


  7. wonderful, glad you had a great day, those shelves filled with milk glass look awesome!

  8. Hey! Love they way your gang spoiled you. Happy happy to you all, especially the awesome Feng Shui Nonna. And J's artwork is on my list of "other children's artwork I would like to steal"
    Love, M

  9. What a lovely day for you. And sweet presents ... it doesn't take much does it?

    Your Mum's very young! She looks fab ... I hope you inherited her genes!