Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Op shop marathon - Part 2

Remember a few days ago, how I did the op shop marathon through 13 of the blessed little stores? Well here is the rest of the haul. Three wonderful tablecloths, my fave is the brown/mustard one. The shop that these came from was off the beaten track and I only found it as the lovely lady from the Lifeline told me how to get there.
It was a massive warehouse, mainly clothes but a decent amount of crockery as well. I also managed to find this plate in the same shop.

I generally try hard to not bring home crockery as I am mindful we are in a decluttering phase but I could already picture the bikkies on this one. Patterns however are always welcome.

And fabric is on the allowable list as well.

The tiny jug and bowl went straight to my dresser- one for lipsticks, one for bobby pins. Easy to justify at $1 each and functional to boot.

So, all in all a worthwhile trek.  I forgot to photograph the bag of doilies for $1 each. The main street in Wynnum has no less than SEVEN op shops within one block. Quite amazing. Some looked like the good stuff had all been picked over, some you had to dig through random piles and some looked like a high end boutique where everything was sorted into colour coordinated sections. I personally find these the least satisfying to prowl in. My favourite are the big barn like ones where there is a vague suggestion of order and plenty of room for ferreting hard and finding things others may have missed. After this serious ferreting fix I am currently going through a detox phase while I plan my next hit.

Just a quick progress update. Remember this curbside find?

Well, after some sanding and undercoating in the spare room, I realized that it needed more sanding (could be slightly to do with the slapdash first attempt at sanding when I was hyper excitable and just wanted to start painting). So I took it back onto the deck for more sanding. And then Roboboy came home from school and found it. Remember how he was plotting to use it as a new bunk bed ?

Of course Liongirl then had to have the bottom bunk. I have come to the slightly disappointing realization that there is NO chance of me keeping this piece for myself. Definitely  not when the favourite soft toys have already been stashed in the cupboard. I did put my foot down about him sleeping in there all night, even though he swears it's the most comfy bed in the entire world. Only 3 more coats to go before the Lego can move in.


  1. love those fabrics! i don't mind the wynnum strip but find that all the treats have either been sold or saved. i've had some awesome luck in the past at the vinnies there but did have 4 other helpers on the prowl. there used to be a gorgeous little spot called 'the box' but had to shut down due to lack of support, so sad. it was a giant cluttered mess but with everything priced under a dollar, we always came out with arms full. going to try my luck out in toowoomba soon, a friend has just opened a store and ipswich also seems to look quite fruitful. love your finds, as always and that piece of furniture is awesome! i love how the kids have taken over. i loved having bunks as kids, always building stairs up to them. if you let them keep it, they'll be forever grateful, trust me. :)

  2. Ha ha! love it, that is such a great cabinet for kids and their bits and pieces. I hate sanding too, I want an instant effect without all the work......love the pretty green front table cloth too.....all those oppys in one street...sounds like heaven to me...

  3. Gorgeous! You'll have to do a trek up to the Darling downs the op shops are amazing!

  4. I'm an impatient painter too. I've often skipped the sanding stage in favour of the brush only to regret it later... the shelves are looking good so far! gxo

  5. All so gorgeous. Particularly love the plate and yellow fabric. I have started making the rule that I will only buy something if I have a definite use for it too. Not easy!

  6. I think that boy needs a bunk bed! It is looking vastly improved though.
    Cute patterns. I'm wanting to start sewing things for my little girl. The quicker projects appeal to me!

  7. Actually, it was on your blog when I went to comment on how much I am loving your little shelf arrangement that I realised something was wrong with stupid blogger.

    I love your shelf unit! It's looking spectacular! One of THE curbside finds of the year for sure!