Monday, May 23, 2011

Orange inspiration

I have never previously considered orange to be one of my most favourite colours. But since I brought this magical cushion home I seem to be drawn to shades of retro orange everywhere.

 There is a pile of not quite finished orange inspired crochet.

And not to forget the painting that has pride of place in the one completed corner of the lounge room.

Gazing out of my lounge room window today, I was admiring a green backdrop dotted with the flame coloured leaves of one of Betsy's crepe myrtle trees. I had never noticed before that they are deciduous.

They are not a flamboyant expression of autumn by any means but in Brisbane you can travel an entire suburb to find a deciduous tree so you have to take what you can get. School pick up revealed another glorious crepe myrtle tree on the footpath.

So it was straight home to find a pair of secateurs and a long ladder. Those crepe myrtles did need a prune anyway.

Now I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow to the sight of some dead twigs in a jug with a pile of gorgeous leaves on the floor.


  1. It's funny how when you like a colour you seem to find it everywhere you go. I love your choice of colours in your crochet, the orange and brown work really well together. xo

  2. Orange is a great colour. So 70s!

    I can't wait to see your crocheted blanket. That's looking beautiful. You need some one Nostalgia and Now's orange lamps. Go on!

  3. Don't worry, dead twigs can look good in a vase too. Loving the look of your crochet...whatcha making?

  4. those branches look great set up in that lovely corner.