Monday, May 30, 2011

Chores and chooks

Today Liongirl and I stayed home and caught up on some chores. The sun was shining  down as she got straight to work testing out her new pegs (all her own work, she's obviously concerned those teatowels could lift off in the breeze). While we were outside pottering around, we had a little company. Or shadows might be a better term. The girls - Sooty, Rose and Dora2- associate the sight of me with lunch. So that means Liongirl being a mini version of me, is odds on for meaning at least some sort of snack. And if she is armed with snacks they are a lot closer to the ground and worth following closely.

Ok, Sooty, Dora2 you run ahead and keep her distracted, I'll just hang back a bit until she completely forgets I'm here and she leads us directly to the stash.

Ooooh, I wonder is it worms or beetles, worms or beetles or maybe both. Like a worm and beetle hotpot.

I'll just go and peek over her shoulder, they must be hidden in that pot.

Where's she gone?  She's got the worms I know it.

Oh cripes, run, it's the cat. And she looks cranky that we are stealing the photo limelight (she has Home Beautiful cover aspirations you know). See here for her portfolio. She only has two poses though- asleep or huffy.

See, told you. Huffy huffy huffy.

I think now would be  good time to look busy (until the cat goes back to sleep)

Good work girls, head down bum up....... scratch scratch scratch......I heard there may have been termites here a while back.

Hang on a minute, is that the sound of the toddler taking the lid off the worm farm? Make haste girls, Sizzler has just opened for lunch.

Ok, she really has the worms now. You two distract her somehow and I will infiltrate Sizzler.

Aaarh  that was Deeelicious. By the way, where is that toddler?

Of course, cram the toddler into the laundry tub trick. Good work girls. Where are your shares of the worms.......umm.......hey is that a lizard over there? There, just outside the gate....actually next door....quick, go look now.

This excerpt of the blogumentary " Days of our Chickeny Lives" was inspired by a decade of Gary Larson cartoons. Starring Rose as lead girl. Supporting roles Sooty and Dora 2. Toddler  played by Liongirl. And yes, Talking Animal movies would be one of my favourite movie genres. Except for Cats and Dogs 2, it was bitterly disappointing.


  1. ha ha i love the head down bum up photo! my girls love the patch of dirt along our neighbours fence too - they always look like they're on patrol..

  2. Is Huffy a burmese? What a fun and free range lifestyle Lion Girl leads; and the chickens especially!

  3. Yes,Sonia she is a Burmese and eternally grateful for being adopted into our crazy house. I just added a link back to her last makeover by Roboboy. By free range for Liongirl do you actually mean dirt encrusted because yes that would be the case. Although the princess in her then requests 5 outfit changes to cope with all the muddy, wet clothes.melx

  4. Very cute:) I love the little story with the photos, Lion Girl had a busy morning. Your chickens are lovely, I like how you have the three different colours. I hope your keeping warm today, it's a bit chilly isn't it?

  5. Too cute!Simple pleasures to treasure.

  6. Love the pegs, love the commentary, love the worms. My youngest two were poised exactly alike today, worm in palm as we pottered around the yard. Happy days. gxo

  7. Lion Girl is just too cute!! I love talking animal movies started with the cat from outer you remember it..I saw it at the drive in, but my fav is Homeward Bound of course!

  8. CUTE!!! Chooks, Children and Wooden clothes pegs...some of my favourite things...
    Great Story! Made me chuckle....
    Just found your Blog via Tchotchkes, Love it!
    I too have just started to Crochet, am having so much fun, so many projects started, none yet completed. All in good time! :)

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