Saturday, May 14, 2011

One perfect corner

Just a teaser to start this post. See that beautiful white wall, there's more of it coming. See the decorative items in front of the wall, with not a lego brick in sight, well that's what Betsy and I have been up to. I do have a confession though. It's not the same white that I had decided on back here . Despite dedicating an entire post about finally making a decision to go with Dulux Natural White, once I slapped on a few coats and put everything back, I didn't like it.

Just too much tint or colour in with the white, too cream, as it was a little brownish. Now that I think about it, it was really a soy milk imposter. So, it had to go. Coincidentally around this time we went to Cleveland to pick up the cast iron bed for Liongirl. As happens, got chatting with the seller of the bed who was also renovating her house. By some miracle our kids all played together, our husbands discussed pools and decks and Trudi and I talked paint and wallpaper and building designers. A playdate arranged by the God of all things Ebay. We stayed for TWO HOURS. And Trudi told me that her uncle, guru of all things VJ (vertical join wall boards found in old Queenslanders) swore by using Semi gloss paint whenever he was painting VJ's. So, I got home and went straight to good old untinted, completely additive free Dulux Vivid White, in a Semi- gloss. And it is perfect. Has a slight sheen that reflects light but not so shiny to show up every imperfection in Betsy's quite imperfect walls. Now for the exciting before and after shots.

Remember this?

And now?

And from another view

To this

And my favourite view from the lounge, which used to look like this.

And now, I could just stare at this perfect corner of full cream milky goodness, all day.

Only the rest of the room to go, hoping to go a bit faster now that I am not having to pause for days to check if the colour is right in different lights. Trying to avoid looking at the ceiling as it looks really grubby in comparison with these fresh white walls. Loving being able to create a beautiful corner with not a lego  brick in sight, and not having to try and compliment a custard backdrop. Hoping that no one took my rambling advice on white paint selection 2 weeks ago. Feel free to take it now though, Vivid White Semi-gloss all the way baby.


  1. Looks like a million dollars! What an incredible difference a paint job will make.

    How sweet that you got along famously with the ebayer!

  2. Mel, It does look great. Whites are so different in every house and you have finally hit the jackpot. It wont take you long at all to finish the rest. I am really happy with my half strength Natural white. Just waiting to finish the enamel on the doors and I'll post a pic. Now I'm looking forward to seeing the little bed in all it's glory.. Hope you are having a happy week end. x

  3. Looking Fab! Have a great weekend! Leah x

  4. Wow it looks fantastic! Who would have thought that white is such a tricky colour to get right? Thank god for ebay! x

  5. That looks so good Mel. Might have to use that paint in our place! I always aim to have spot styled the way I like so I can look past the rest of the mess that is this house :)

  6. That looks great! I just stumbled across your blog and thought I'd stop by and say 'hello' :) x