Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winter Woollies

I know we are still weeks from winter but I seem to keep gravitating towards all the warm and woolly things in op shops. This lovely soft scarf was from one of those lovely choc-a-block op shops where the little old ladies who run the shop also have a rack of handmade baby cardigans and scarves. Unfortunately the cardies were all a little small for miss Liongirl but this scarf just had my name all over it. Mustard, burnt orange and grey- perfect.

Then there was this woolly blankie. Look at all these gorgeous gelati colours. I'm curious to see which of the kids nabs it first for laptime during early morning TV.

And the little packet of wooden pegs for $1. I had been wanting to get some of these for Liongirl as she has her own washing line but the modern plastic pegs are too difficult for her to use. I wasn't sure if supermarkets even sold them anymore but look, there they were in an op shop, on the top of the craft pile and still in the packet.

And some more books for Roboboy- he is needing them for his" Research". I nearly snorted out loud when he selected the Readers Digest's Guide to the Outback at the last fete trash and treasure and cited that it too was required for " research" purposes. I think that was the same day he was watching a Justine Clarke music videoclip on ABC kids and exclaimed out loud to himself about the " beautiful illustrations". I do have some concerns about how his refined gentlemen style  of language goes down in the playground amidst games of armies and Ben10.

At least now he will be able to at least tell his friends the correct terminology for all the quartz crystals they keep digging up at school. Pockets full, before every washing load.

And this one was for me, the colour and texture was completely enough to stop me being able to walk away.

I had a good feeling about this little daisy pot. It did not have any brand name on the bottom but had a "made in England" and an impressed number 1582. From these two clues and google, it appears to possibly be some Carlton Ware from the late 1930's but I haven't been able to find anything quite like it on ebay. No matter what its history, noble or otherwise, I still love it.
Oh yes, almost forgot- for anyone like me who was unable to post comments on most  blogs ALL THIS WEEK due to a blogger glitch , the way to fix it is when you sign in with blogger, just unclick on the teeny box that says "keep me signed in" and it should all be working.  And feel free to pop back and post about your eternal gratitude as that took me 4 days of scrolling through blogger help forums to sort out.


  1. I am amazed at all your good finds from one trip! That must be one great little shop you have there. The dolly pegs and the little daisy pot are my favourites.

  2. They are some wonderful oppy finds indeed.
    I think those pegs are just perfect for a kid's play washing line.
    What fun!
    Have a wonderful Sunday. x

  3. They are excellent finds! Excellent!

    I think that bowl may be Carltonware, but I'm not that familiar with that ceramic. The only reason I think it maybe is that I saw a lovely pastel yellow flower dish at the Salvos this week and it was Carltonware. It looked quite similar to your bowl. They were asking $45 for it, so I put it back and thought 'Crazy op shop'.

    I'm loving your scarf, too.

  4. Nice finds! Love those old blankets - i picked up a nice aqua one in the oppy a while back, and everyone looked at me with raised eyebrows but weve certainly got use out of it these last few weeks! The little daisy pot is gorgeous - i wouldnt have walked past that either and Carltonware - even better! x

  5. ooo i love it all! i'm yet to wash my woolie opshop blanket..the colours are what get me everytime! love that chair...and the carlton ware, colour is divine. happy sunday! x

  6. Oooo lots of goodies esp the flower bowl the colour is so pretty.I've just worked out my commenting problems,well Mr CH did.

  7. The scarf is awesome Mel and so it the chair that it is on. Love it. Been inspired to rummage through some charity shops today.

  8. you seriously have the sweetest way with words, your comments always delight me. not going OS for a while but the saving and decluttering have begun. will i see you at the june 5 rummage? have a great monday, you lovely, lovely lady. x

  9. What beautiful finds this week. I really love the blanket and the flower bowl, they're both so pretty. It's great when you find some great buys especially things you were looking for. Have a happy Monday. xo

  10. Oh I love the woolly blanket, we could do with a few of those here. We woke to find pockets of icy frost lying around the houseyard this morning. Winter is knocking... gxo

  11. Wow! I had a sugar bowl the exact same pattern. I really liked it so don't know why I ended up selling it. I regret it now. When I first found it at a market I got onto the Antiques and Collectables board and asked about it. I was told it was SylvaC. I used to have an eBay store and listed in there, it sold within two hours so likely sought after. I just said to my husband does he remember it and he said 'yes, the one you got for 50c'. Oh the horror that it has long gone!

  12. Oh, you Queenslanders and the 'cold' - so soft. Like a chenille marshmallow. It's snowing down here. Gorgeous little daisy pot.