Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fortuitous chair finds and Thursday Thrifting

Look at these beautiful pieces of art found op shopping today. They are "Kristaware" from Melbourne. Again means nothing to me but gosh those colours, hard glossy plastic and funny dimpled lids are just super yum. The kids were in awe of these and were both drawn in by their magnetic appeal. Note the splendid job that my silky oak table is doing as  a backdrop as well as showcasing the colour and grain I was raving about last post.

The big news is the fortuitous find of 6 chairs only a day after the arrival of the new table.  I had a pretty good idea what I wanted and lo and behold there they were on ebay with a local pick up and no other bidders. Done and dusted that night, the  kids bundled into pyjamas for a mini adventure at 7 pm on a school night no less.

They are replica Eames DSW chairs. They are the only white chair I have seen with wooden legs which was a big part of the appeal as it takes away from a completely plastic look. The metal bracing was apparently inspired by the Eiffel tower.  The low profile of their backs has really opened up the space in our living room compared to our old dining setting which you can see here (this is new table with old chairs).

Here is the new ( while being both antique + second hand ) improved version.

 And I'm already in love with those wipe clean surfaces. I'm still trying to fossick all the ingrained food out of the crevices in the old upholstered chairs before I sell them on ebay. In my defense they were purchased before the arrival of children ie when such things as food hygiene were not considered when making furniture purchases. I'm also taking it as a positive that the seller of the chairs had already owned them for several months, exposed them to 2 small children and they still looked in new condition. Now all I need to do is hurry up, choose a white and get those walls painted.


  1. I love the chairs with that table. They look great and I bet your kids will remember the adventure of going to pick them up!

  2. WOW! That's all I'm saying.

    Pre-kids/post-kids; two different worlds. That's the other thing I'll say.

  3. Great chairs (and table). Dont mind your non white walls and especially like the beauty upon it!

  4. fortuitous indeed, for had I spotted them on ebay, you would have had another bidder! I LOVE them!!!

  5. your new chairs look fantastic! i love the modern look of them with the wooden table.


  6. They look fabulous. Love mod mixed with vintage. xx