Monday, March 21, 2011

Wecome Rose and Dora 2

What to do on another wet Sunday? I know, lets match our outifts to our umbrellas and go down to the RSPCA to see if they have any chooks for adoption. Liongirl's outift was selected with much care and planning, you can't actually see the Hawaiian print skort underneath this Red Riding Hood number.

Unfortunately for us there were no neglected chooks needing a home. Did make us feel good to know that all current chooks  around the traps were wanted and cared for though. So it was off to Brookfield Produce to select some new besties for Sooty.

We planned to get just one other girl to keep Sooty company but Roboboy has had his heart set on a white chook for months. He gets a little transfixed by collecting complete sets of things, in every colour available.  And we were in luck with just 2 white chooks left amid a sea of brown ones. One had a limp, and the other one, that's our Rose. Roboboy's choice of name. The replacement brown chook, well she has predictably been called........... Dora (mark 2)

 Both are called "point of lay" meaning they are around 5-6 months old and should shortly start to lay eggs. Both are also very timid and skittish and not at all like our old Dora who would frequently just invite herself inside at any opportunity to steal cat food and peck up rogue bits of fried rice under the dining table. Even Liongirl is now a professional at "Shooooing" such badly behaved girls outside and off the deck.

We kept them locked in the coop for the first 24 hours and this afternoon let them out for their first foray into our garden. I suspect they have not been free ranging before as it took a fair while before they had the confidence to leave the coop. And they had not quite worked out the bit about putting themselves back in the coop for bed. Instead they found a nice safe high fox proof perch.........

On my clean washing. We had declined having their wings clipped. Really hope I'm not going to regret that one. Luckily they seemed to either be asleep with their eyes open or in some hypnotic trance like state as they were amazingly easy to retrieve from here. I will try and capture a photo of the complete set, I mean trio, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Liongirl did what any girl does when her best friend comes over for a play on a hot day. Time to retrieve 2 pairs of matching swimmers to share for a quick dip in the clam pool. She and Fifi have been friends since they first started toddling around and have had many sessions of mutual trying on of shoes, loading of shopping trolleys, chats on toy mobile phones and intermittent eye gouging and hair pulling- usually when snacks are involved.


  1. Liongirl looks SO gorgeous - love her girliness, and her smile. Interesting to read what it's like for you to be a mother of a girl! I want to meet her in person. So there will be no walk through photo post of our new house, so that I can lure you guys over here some time soon :)

  2. PS! Hasn't everyone tried to scare you off white chooks by telling you that they're usually badly behaved, flighty and pushy? Never saw those characteristics in my day but everyone seemed to think so...

  3. Our brown chickens are pushy, flighty and badly behaved :) Like the new chooks. We had to pen ours because they could fly over any fence, even with clipped wings they can jump pretty high :)

  4. Hello just found your blog from a comment you made on the Raine and Sage revamp.Will follow you now.Love meeting more Aussies.

  5. hi mel! thank you for your lovely comment. the girls look delightful in their polkadot pool attire. too cute. in regards to your questions, rummage is on april 3rd, registrations still haven't opened which is a little weird but i assume it's still going ahead. peppermint magazine isn't the easiest to get. i got mine posted to me as i featured but borders used to stock it (not sure now) but you can grab it from nook in westend and decent sized newsagencies like indro, i believe. hope to see you at the next rummage, do introduce yourself if you stop by!

  6. Thanks for the comment love :) I love your "Betsy" - with two little munchkins and a bunch of chooks, you must be a happy and busy renovator :)

  7. Love the polka dot swimmers. I think my little girl is a similiar age you're right!
    Nothing better than fresh eggs. We used to live next door to grey nomads, and would look after their chooks Spick & Speck, and the kids loved it.
    I love the look of your blue house!