Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grateful for the best neighbours in the world

All is quiet tonight as it's just me, Liongirl and Betsy home. The boys have absconded across the road to our neighbours for the first inaugural street campout. They have set up tents, got a fire going, massed all the scooters and bikes on the concrete slab and are eating sausages in bread. Boy heaven really.

Another clincher for us having the BEST neighbours in the entire world. Our street has alot of kids ( 16 in total from age 2-10 ) and 11 of them are boys. Even more amazing is that 2 boys other than our Roboboy are also certifiably Quirky and therefore have really tolerant and understanding mothers. They are also an incredibly tight knit and social bunch. In the 8 months that we have lived here they have organized a Welcoming party for us, the annual fancy dress Halloween party, a Christmas pool party and now the Big Backyard Campout. Oh, not to forget the monthly girls Bookclub that I have been invited to join but just need to organize myself to read the damn book.

Sometimes I feel like I'm on the set of the Wonder Years or equivalent 1950' TV family. The neighbouring two houses share gates in our back fences for the kids to visit each other and many afternoons we have a handful of kids climbing our trees, on our trampoline or building lego on the back deck. I  often have visitors requesting cups of sugar/eggs/grass to feed pet mice or visits to Legomans hoarded stash of Star Wars lego.

 In fact Legoman is now infamous on the local school carpool as many trips are apparently spent speculating on exactly how many and which Star Wars sets he has amassed in his Lego stash. One of our neighbours school friends was in shock that Legoman was actually someone's dad as they thought he was just a really big kid, with a heck of a great collection of lego.

So, while the boys are away, I'm plotting some crochet squares. You see, Spotlight just happen to be having  sale on wool. And I just happen to work just near Spotlight and snuck in there today on the way home. And fancy that but crochet books were on sale too.....

So, I wanted to do a cushion cover in  some colours that complimented the birdhouse cushion. I think they will be  a good combination, now just to choose the first square to start on. Joining in with Maxabella to share the gratitude around.


  1. how lovely that your neighbourhood is that delightful. i grew up in a similar one in the UK and everyone was friends with everyone, just gorgeous. enjoy your alone time. look forward to seeing the birdhouse cushion, love those colours!

  2. you should do ads for your local real estate agent ;)

  3. Wow, what a cool neighbourhood. I love the idea of a campout for the block. You are very lucky indeed! x

  4. You have a lovely blog Bungalow girl. The birdhouse cushion is dead cool and I am terribly jealous of your Golden Hand Crochet Pattern book - it is hard finding good/any crochet pattern for guys! Will have to hunt for it in the secondhand shops here in the UK.