Monday, March 7, 2011

Taking a breath break with Queenie

Remember I found this glorious taste of 1982 the other day but was struggling to capture the awesomeness with a night time camera? Well time to share to joy around a bit........

Not sure if this would work for school drop off, perhaps better for a playgroup setting?

Now Legoman is really breathing a sigh of relief that I haven't expressed an interest in quilting ......  I'm breathing a sigh of relief that he has not discussed re growing a moustache like this one. His previous moustache lasted 2 dates and  a third date was conditional upon its permanent departure. I do know that I will never look at hexagons the same way again.

Tonight Queenie and I went for a little ride around the local burb. It was that gorgeous time of night when the sky is a beautiful shade of blueish purplish dusk, the stars are coming out and most people are inside eating dinner and watching tellie. It was a mercy ride. A case of let me go NOW if you expect me to get through to the weekend with children and sanity intact. I met  Legoman at the door with 5 words- "Tether- at the end of"  and funnily he was happy to let me go, immediately.

 Despite being 80% of the reason for needing to get out of the house (he talks 30% more at least), Roboboy really wanted to come with me. (I think they can smell when you are on the edge and know to pull out all attempts to be delightful children just like the ones on TV commercials). I explained that I really needed a breath break to calm down. This is our attempt to bring him back from hysteria when ABC kids changes their morning programming or we drive a different way home. He has to put both hands together at his fingertips  and take a few really deep slow breaths.

 He followed me out to the carport and said " I don't think you will be able to ride Queenie at the same time as doing a breath break mama because how will you hold the handles? After that comment and 15 minutes cruising around in complete silence, suddenly I loved them all SO much more. The only thing missing was this gorgeous cycling outfit to make the moment perfect.........

Just a little reminder that not all crochet is actually OK.


  1. This post made me smile! I would be a happy recipient of the hat and muff set, if you ever feel tempted to make one!! And as for the moustached romeo with the twinkly eyes and quilted still my beating heart!! Your breath break sounds great. Mums should have them more often - good on you for just getting out. My favourite saying at times when I am on the edge is "first put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others"... a way to justify just dropping everything and doing something for me, before I go psycho (you know, really selfish stuff, like going to the loo. Or brushing my hair. Or having a drink!)
    Love, M

  2. When the tether's coming to an end, I raise my eyes to the sky, and outstretch my arms (not around someone's throat, that comes later) and sing in an Oxford Boys choral voice, "Give me strength" ... I sing that a few times a day, actually.

    Wouldn't you love to wear one of those crocheted numbers in public, just once, to see what response you get? I wonder what we're all going to look back on about 2011-crafty stuff and smirk about?