Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fancywork

Well today I'm pleased as punch as I managed (without any assistance) to decipher a crochet pattern and produce a specimen that matched the actual picture. Would you believe that production of above piece requires deciphering of this:
Make 17ch. Base row (2tr,2ch,2tr) into 5th ch from hook,(5ch,miss next 3 ch, 1dc into next ch)twice,5ch,miss next 3ch,(2tr,2ch,2tr)into last chain. Turn.
And that is just the first 2 rows. Amazing to think that a  few weeks ago that was all goobledegook and now I get it. It feels like being part of a secret club where everyone speaks PigLatin and I finally know what they are saying.

This practice run was with Dollar shop acrylic yarn. Feels kind of nasty and sticky in a furry kind of way. Now I just need to work out where to get wool or cotton yarn from. Any tips from those experienced crochet gals?
The pattern was from yesterday's Thursday thrifting adventure. Stumbled across the usual pile of craft magazines. Normally these seem to contain craft nastiness from the mid to late 80's- think decoupage, floral curtain pelmets and bows on everything. But yesterday the sun was shining on me again.
A pile of 6 pristine editions from a glorious weekly magazine collection called "Busy Needles" produced in the UK in 1982. Full of little projects with knitting, crochet and other random decorative arts.

I really like this crochet panel being used for straps and bordering for a cami. I like to make things that are gorgeous AND functional and there are only so many granny square rugs a girl can use in a town like Brisbane. The red pattern in the top photo is one of these panel type designs and would probably look brilliant if done in a cotton like this picture. Hence the search for cotton yarn. 
There are also some real 1982 treats in Busy Needles but I could not do them justice with night photography so will post them tomorrow. Found another vest for Legoman, he should be very thankful I don't know anything about quilting...........


  1. Hilarious blog! You'll have me crochetting too, if you're not careful.

    It looks too complicated! Have you seen on my blog list, Crochet Bloke? He crochets and he's amusing! You may like him.

  2. Bendigo Woollen Mills have beautiful yarn ( wool and cotton) , they may be worth a look!

  3. Hey there, love your busy needles!! You have truly advanced since granny squares 101! Where's the finished cushion cover? As for me, I am still on granny squares 101, and not about to graduate any time soon...
    Love, M

  4. Crochet patterns totally send me scampering! You've done a great job! x