Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday ferreting

What a wonderful week for op shop ferreting adventures. Two kids clothing patterns, two balls of chocolate brown crochet cotton ( still in the packet), some gorgeous fabric- the background piece is actually a huge cushion cover complete with button up back, a fruity counting puzzle and 3 glorious hardcover Enid Blyton books to match the set of three Magic Faraway Tree books I have kept since I was a little girl. Even better I don't actually remember reading the Naughtiest girl stories so will enjoy sharing those with Liongirl in a few years. The minute I arrived home I had to line all those glorious coloured spines up in a row on the bookshelf - perhaps Roboboy's desire to have a complete set of things is a little teeny tiny bit genetic......

The most surprising thing was that the puzzle and crochet cotton came from an opshop in West End. Now I assumed that Boundary St being a hive of vintage lovers that everything would have been thoroughly picked over and cleaned out. I think in actual fact most people in there were perusing all the groovy vintage fashion so the toys and craft items were not on the radar.

Liongirl and I were out on a girls only adventure ( ie eating mini chocolate mudcakes and having pots of tea and babychinos). We don't do this anywhere near as much as we should and  it was nice to have an excuse to slow down and savour the whipped cream on the side. We were actually on a mission to pop into Avid Reader and pick up a copy of this book for Roboboy.

Avid Reader recently held a book launch for the author of this awesome book. Peter William Rowe has Down's syndrome and unable to talk his family did not know he had the capacity to communicate for nearly 30 years. Finally he was introduced to a picture communication system and uses this to write and illustrate his stories. Given that this story is both about Robots and that it's ok to be different  I knew it would be ideal for Roboboy. Even better there are at least 3 more in the set..........

 I love wandering down Boundary street, we of course had to climb all over the mosaic lizard, do our fruit puzzle, have snacks and generally bask in  this gorgeous spring weather that has finally arrived about 5 months later than expected.

The other op shop find was a pile of lovely crochet doilies for 50 cents each. I am thinking of using the large round and large rectangle for cushions, the little one maybe for dress sleeves.

Finally a model shoot for the girls. The full set of white, brown and black....... or as Legoman likes to think : breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pecking order is in full establishment mode. Meek and mild Sooty has risen to the ranks of head girl. Super pretty white Rose is next in line and poor Dora 2 seems to be on the receiving end of both of them. And they are still putting themselves to bed roosting on my washing line, which is right at window level of our lounge, so they can stare us down if we are not sharing the corn cobs around.

Enjoy your weekend, lets all make the most of this glorious spring weather.


  1. Don't you love the thrill of the hunt,great finds,now you only need the yellow "The naughtiest girl in the school" book.

  2. Oooh, I love the Naugtiest Girl books! Liongirl might also enjoy the My Naughty Little Sister series.

  3. Great finds! weve been hunting down a few old Enid Blyton,s - we are reading the wishing chair at the moment, my kids really love her stories!

  4. What a fascinating story about Peter Rowe. How amazing. I'll try to get my hands on one of his books soon.
    I was also an Enid Blyton fan. I wanted to live in that magic tree!