Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back for Blogtoberfest

Finally, we are home and ready to come back to Blogtopia and share our adventures. And what could be more timely than Blogtoberfest,  a whole month in which to blog every day, a celebration of the small details in life.

In the last 11 days we have travelled by plane and bus and train and car, spent a week on the family farm, op shopped, geocached, picked wildflowers, taken a million photos, moved cows, counted 11 new calves, collected pinecones, chopped wood, ridden tractors, driven quad bikes, met new baby nieces and welcomed new girlfriends, caught up on about a year of family news, visited a zoo and been inspired by lego on a grand scale. Phew, it has been a whirlwind and I can't wait to share all the inspirational bits with you all.

I have intermittently checked in the whole bloggy gang but have barely had time to comment. I can't wait to get back into visiting everyone and chatting properly.

So, I have with great enthusiasm, linked into Blogtoberfest, ready to blog every day for the rest of this glorious month. I am a little daunted  as currently I usually blog about twice a week and am well known for a wordy post. I am however, all about appreciating the small details of life, that little bit of sparkle in what otherwise may be a dull or rancid toddler filled day.

So, just to repeat, for my own benefit, my plan is to commit to blog every day for a month. While making grand and sweeping gestures that I will probably struggle to uphold, I am also committing to wearing more colour and to not only unpack the sewing machine, but sew and complete something by the end of the month.

Blogtoberfest. Be inspired over here and come along for the ride. See you on the sunny side of tomorrow.

My children have decided to test my photography skills by being creative with their poses. Shoes in the air was apparently essential for this shot in the airport terminal. Summed up day 1 of our travels when we missed our plane by THREE minutes due to a small child needing to do wee wees and our complete lack of awareness that Tiger airlines has a 45 minute check in. We then spent the next 10 hours waiting for the next available flight while dwelling on the fact that this particularly wee wee cost about $320.
And yes, the ride on suitcase convoy is a highly effective way to get small children through a busy airport.

Oh, and remember, my Giveaway closes tomorrow at 6pm so pop onto my last post and leave a comment if you want to be included.


  1. Welcome back, Mel. Glad to hear your holiday was nice. I'll pop over and look at your giveaway now. xx

  2. That is an expensive wee.

    You can do the Blogtober Fest thing!! (I'm an enabler, rather than a doer).

    Just one idea per post. Can't wait to see the sewing machine and associated machinations. See, that's a post of its own!

    I'll wait in anticipation!!

  3. Hahhaa! I like your wordy posts:) I wouldn't have got to laugh about the wee if I didn't read to the end!
    Happy Blogtoberfest!

  4. Welcome home Mel! They always need to wee at the wrong time don't they!

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  6. Glad you had such a nice holiday despite the pricey wee-wee. I'm looking forward to reading your October scribblings, don't mind how wordy they are either.

  7. Welcome home Mel! If you want some inspiration for sewing, I have a few little patterns you could use and we could plan a sewing day at my place if that would help? You've inspired me to get my sewing area organised and tidy. It was such a mess, and the machine was on the tinniest little table, now I have it all expanded out, and all my sewing stuff neatly organised. I'm also wondering if I shouldn't join you in the Blogtober commitment, just to get into the habit of blogging...

  8. Welcome back:) I had been thinking about you and wondered where you'd been. Oh no wee wees are very important when you are little. It sounds like you've been on a lovely adventure. I look forward to seeing what you've been up to. xo