Sunday, October 2, 2011

Country op shops are gold

I am a city girl at heart, but there are so many things I love about the country. The long expanses of rolling green hills, the clean air, the absolute quiet (aside from birdsong and the occasional tractor engine), the gorgeous backdrop to every photo, the sound of your boots crunching down a gravel road.

But the unexpected and surprising love, well that one is for the humble country op shop. The family farm is tucked away in the hills of Gippsland Victoria, about 90 minutes out of Melbourne. Of course, on a drive like this, one  must stop for snacks at the nearest regional town, which for us happened to be Warragul. And of course, most regional towns have an op shop or two, and with only a few main streets they tend to be easy to find.

What was most unexpected was the revelation after a friendly chat in the first op shop we found. When I asked the lovely lady if there were any others in town, she whipped out a BROCHURE detailing all the op shops in the region, including a map. This was no photocopied list, this was a full glossy colour pamphlet. All I can say is that Baw Baw shire are impressive in the marketing of their op shops. So off we went for a little oppie crawl through Warragul and Drouin, another town up the road.

Now, a subsequent post is dedicated to the unearthing of some serious vintage sheetage. Here is all the other cool stuff we found. I'm not  usually tempted by tapestries but the colours in this were too gorgeous to leave.

And who can walk away from $4 pyrex, straight into the suitcase. This one came from an oppie that was more like a giant supermarket, it was so huge it even justified the automatic doors.

And here is my favourite vintage sheet thus far, a little faded but gorgeous colours.

And  this vibrant  cornflower blue floral melamine tray.

And lastly, some fabric for $1 and some embroidery hoops for 50 cents.

If you love vintage sheets, you'll be as excited as me about tomorrow's post. Not to mention the winner of my giveaway will be revealed. See you then!

Linking in with Sophie in the last few hours of school holidays.


  1. I too am a city girl at heart and your right about the country also where would I see moose and caribou in my backyard in the city!

    love love your finds!

  2. Wow! first of all, I love the picture of the little one running. So cute! And the sheet is really great!

    I am such a vintage-sheet-aholic!

  3. Vintage sheets...yes, please. I love them so much. Excited about your next post. Love your finds as well.

  4. Yess country op shops are the best. I can't believe there's a pamphlet tho.
    Great thrifting as always. Great prices too. I really like the tapestry.

  5. Wow, you did so well :-) I am inspired to venture out in the country in search of some op shop bargains...

  6. Love country oppies and from your finds that is why.

    Vintage sheets and hoops for 50 cents AHHH!!!

  7. I am a country loving girl wanting to live in the country on acres who like you LOVES any oppies she finds lol Oh and I loved your Focktoberfest idea wish Id thought of that earlier.

  8. Really like the blue tray, funky! I agree country op shops can be fantastic

  9. I'm a bit like you I'm a city girl but do love the country, it's so peaceful and beautiful. I think one day I'll live there. Love your finds, sounds like fun doing an op shop tour. xo

  10. I love that they had a pamphlet! (and just adore that cornflower tray...)

  11. My grandparents had a dairy farm just outside of Drouin. I know this area so well. Excellent finds and I'm impressed by the pamphlet. I'm planning a trip...

  12. loving that blue melamine plate Mel. I looooove country op shops, sounds like you had heaps of fun. Gorgeous pic of the country road too.